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About fifty thousand very high cost performance of a few motorcycles, which one do you like most?
Release date:2021.08.12

People who like motorcycles love them and spare no effort to own them, and people who don't like them scoff at all kinds of boycotts. It is a hobby for many people, a belief for motorcycle fans, a means of transportation for most people, and the other half of life for enthusiasts. Nowadays, more young people prefer to use to play handsome flirt younger sister, the car of fifty thousand yuan can not attract the attention of a girl, here recommended a few of the high force of about fifty thousand yuan motorcycle, cost-effective and play handsome flirt younger sister two do not miss.

1, KTMRC390

The famous Austrian company KTM is famous for its off-road motorcycles. The RC series is a Supersport series specially developed for the road. The appearance is inherited from the RC8 and designed by renowned designer GeraldKiska. In terms of appearance, I think it is very handsome. A very combative vehicle. Whether it's a pointy front or a crooked back. Orange exposed frame. Shows that the RC390 wants to give you a passionate driving experience. Buy RC390, you do not have to consider the comfort of transportation and long-distance cycling! All this car needs is a new set of high-performance tires. A car that can get off the track with almost no other modifications. It's passionate and handsome!

2. Kawasaki Nijia250

Influenced by the domestic "shanzhai" imitation wind, Kawasaki little Ninja this model, can be said to be the most familiar classic sports car appearance, can be said to be copied to the extent of rotten street. Appearance, the locomotive is still continuation of a sharp style, including car adopts flat shark head shape, look at fighting capacity is very strong, came to light, LED light source is used the concentrated sex is strong, the wide range of lighting, while the dashboard is to use small LCD screen display, not only clear reading, and to help the rider quickly gather information. In terms of power, kawasaki 250ABS version is equipped with in-line two-cylinder four-stroke engine, with a maximum power of 20kw, a maximum torque of 19.6n.m, and a maximum speed of 135km/h. With a large fuel tank of 17L, the endurance is natural.

3.Benali TNT600

The TNT600 is the ABS version of Longliu, which has added tuhao gold color and some details changes. The overall shape is still so powerful, and the sound wave of the four-cylinder engine is still so charming. Is currently the most popular domestic four cylinder street car, the only domestic four cylinder motorcycle, with four cylinder car unique and charming sound people can not stop. There were a lot of hiccups at first, but they got better with each passing generation.


4, spring breeze 650GT

Speaking of spring breeze GT-650 this motorcycle, can be called the pride of domestic motorcycles. Priced at 43,800 yuan, it has a cool and handsome appearance and a rich and comprehensive configuration, no matter it is a transportation, bending, or a sister motorcycle travel, it is completely no problem. Riding very upright posture, plus comfortable, wide seat, even long distance motorized brigade also won't feel too tired, on the other hand, can be adjusted up and down behind the windshield, two side box, USB interface and a cigarette lighter humanized configuration, as well as the range of 400 kilometers, undoubtedly is the most practical configuration in long-distance motorized brigade. In general, this car whether you want to commute, run mountain pressure, or long-distance motorcycle travel, it can be easily competent, and, cool handsome appearance will attract many little sister for you oh.

5.Benali Lion Cub 500

Benelli Baby Lion 500, an Italian original design, was selected as one of the top ten best Models at The 2015 Milan Show, and won the China Motorcycle Model of the Year award in 2017, which is regarded as the most beautiful model of Benelli in recent years. The sporty and retro look reverses the perception of Benelli. The once Italian brand has now shifted its focus inward, but that's no bad thing. Because Benelli is cheaper now, and it's not as focused on the big bikes as it once was. Cub 500 This stylish vintage motorcycle is stylish, sophisticated, easy to ride, and refreshingly personalized in appearance. What's more, its price is much cheaper than the imported models of the same class. The Lion Cub 500 has never been considered a sporty motorcycle, and even has a bit of a "fat" feel, especially in the corner handling, it gives you a sense of man-machine rivalry, and the ABS intervention is more sensitive, it is difficult to give you the pleasure of bending.

Warm tips for cyclists to wear good protective gear, whether the motorcycle is dangerous or not depends on the user, in order to better car environment, please do not let more people hate the motorcycle riders.