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What should a girl ride?
Release date:2021.08.19

It is said that men have a motorcycle dream, but in fact there are many women prefer motorcycle, after all, motorcycle has its unique charm, it will be easier to help themselves to achieve the desired effect, so whether on the road or in the network world, there are some women riding. So want to in Tanabata this special day, give the goddess a surprise, might as well give it a motorcycle!

But the question is, what motorcycle should the goddess ride?

First of all, girls will have a higher demand for the appearance level of motorcycles, so we choose the gift, the appearance of the performance must be outstanding, different, with a unique queen temperament or queen style.

Secondly, for girls, the structure of the motorcycle body should not be too large, the body should not be overweight, and the seat height should not be too high. Only in this way can the gift we send be digested, otherwise it is easy to become a decoration.

Moreover, the power performance is relatively mild, although there are some hot female riders, but generally speaking, the power performance is relatively symmetrical motorcycle, will be easier to use. Combined with the above three points, the following models will be recommended.

The first Fiyang Honda Tapa 100 costs around 8,100

This is one of the few high-end models owned by Wuyang Honda, its setting direction is completely biased to the needs of female users, so whether it is the appearance of the model performance, or power setting, are very suitable for commuting under urban road conditions.


The second lifan KPV150 starts at 12,980

This is a crossover scooter, it also integrates a certain off-road performance on the basis of the conventional scooter, which makes this car has a different purpose, it is not only suitable for daily commute, but also to meet our occasional surrounding play needs. Although its appearance setting no longer pays attention to the delicate sense, it prefers the hard style, which will also meet the riding needs of women with different personalities.

The third spring Breeze 250SR starts at 16,880

As a sports car, Chunfeng 250SR is relatively balanced in appearance, performance and configuration among current models of the same class. And the appearance advantage with inherent sports car, also be very popular with the girl, so if your goddess is lively and active, might as well send her a sports car.

The fourth model, the Ginger 300, starts at 19,980

As a compact and small retro cruise crown Prince car, although it is not what female motorcycle exclusive ride, but the advantages of the structure of the body, the attractiveness of the appearance, will make this car easily become a female knight like a motorcycle.

The fifth sekelon RE3 400 starts at 22,800

There are currently two versions of the car, and the main difference between them is the displacement of the powertrain. Personally, I think the RE3 400 will be more balanced, especially with the upside down shock absorbers and the bars and wheels, which will give the car its unique British flavor. Combined with its compact and compact body, it is also easy to become a female motorcycle friends more ideal car.