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Allow motorcycles on the high speed, is it good or bad!
Release date:2021.08.19

Although cars have become popular now, as a traditional means of transportation, motorcycles are still loved by people. Although the arrival of cars has changed our way of travel and improved our quality of life.

But there is also a negative side, that is, the traffic jam is getting more and more serious, the traffic pressure is getting bigger and bigger, which is the biggest worry of car owners.

But motorcycle is different, as an important means of transportation, it has obvious advantages, especially in rural areas, most friends are ready to motorcycle travel.

The advantage of motorcycle is that it is light and flexible and can be driven quickly. It can also deal with rugged mountain roads. It is also widely used for patrol and transportation, and is also used as a recreational tool by contemporary young people.

In the city has also been welcomed by office workers, low fuel consumption, no traffic jams, fast driving speed, motorcycle is also divided into streetcar, travel motorcycle, cross-country motorcycle, scooter and so on.


Years ago, many motorcycle owners did not have a driver's license, license plate, insurance, etc., and the road violations were frequent. In order to ease and prohibit the practice, the authorities directly issued a ban on motorcycle and electricity.

But after a long time of improvement, motorcycles and electric cars have been lifted, as long as the motorcycles meet the emission standards, have a driver's license, a formal license plate can be on the road, and now motorcycles are allowed to go on high speed.

Allow motorcycles on the high speed, is it good or bad! Car owners suffer most

In order to solve the problem of uniform charge for high-speed motorcycle, the new regulation directly divides the motorcycle into a class of cars, which is the same as the charge standard for private cars.

Of course, motorcycle high-speed also need to meet the following conditions, the driver must hold a motorcycle driver's license, riding a motorcycle can not be carried on the high-speed, only a person riding, according to the regulations to wear a safety helmet.

In addition, the minimum speed on the motorcycle is 60km/h, the maximum speed is 80km/h, driving the motorcycle at high speed can only drive on the right side of the lane, the motorcycle must be qualified in the annual inspection, there is no quality problem.

In fact, the motorcycle charging standard is not recognized by the rider, because whether it is the size of the motorcycle and the number of people to carry, and private cars are very different, why and car uniform charging standard, since the motorcycle is allowed on the high speed, why not establish a separate motorcycle charging standard?

This bothers many motorcycle owners. Not only can they not carry people at high speed, but they also have to pay the same high speed fee, so if they and their family ride two motorcycles home, it will cost twice as much as a car.

On the other hand, in addition to the concerns of motorcycle owners, there is also the concern of car owners, which is that people do have the impression that motorcycle violations are frequent.

Can they be guaranteed not to drive illegally when they get on the highway? If high-speed motorcycle violations lead to traffic accidents, as a vulnerable group, who is responsible for them? A motorcycle or a car!

After all, high speed is different from other roads. Most of the vehicles driving on the high speed are between 100 and 120. Once there is an emergency, there is no way to dodge.