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Triumph will release its first 1200RR roadster!
Release date:2021.08.19

Most of the Triumph models have already been introduced domestically, including the recent SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS and Trident 660. C-triomphe has MOTO2 pedigree, and domestic fans are waiting for a commercially available version of the car. Now, it looks like it's going to happen

SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS big change after the car weight reduction, displacement increase, configuration upgrade, this three-cylinder car on the market this year the performance of eye-catching streetcar representative. Yesterday, Triumph released a mysterious trailer for the more combative SPEED TRIPLE RR

There isn't much information about the new car in the trailer, except for a vague image that shows the SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RR has a semi-fairing on the front of the car, and the headlights, which are clearly different from the Frogeyes, are round


When the SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RS was released, there were a lot of comments about how cool it was. It seems that people are getting used to the "frog eyes", but now it's got the round lights that don't quite go with the fake

In addition to the exciting semi-fairing design in the trailer, triumph has also used the word "RR" in its car name for the first time. For fans of imitation racing cars, THE word "RR" means extreme blood. How will the SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RR be explained

Judging by c-triomphe's previews, the SPEED TRIPLE 1200 RR should have a good chance of making an appearance at the Milan motor Show at the end of the year

But would Triumph fans prefer it to be called the Daytona 1200RR, hoping that the car isn't a Big Frog jacket, but a real sports car