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Piaggio's new car will be equipped with radar 'black technology'
Release date:2021.08.19

During the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the hottest black technology will be the 4D millimeter wave radar. Overseas media said that the motorcycle industry, the first to carry the technology, is likely to be Piaggio's new car will be released in early 2022

The new technology, called Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) and developed by Piaggio and Israel's Vayyar Imaging, offers advantages over lidar in improving active security more reliably

So what is 4D radar? Refers to the first 4 d (range, velocity, azimuth, elevation), the 4 d Radar than traditional millimeter wave Radar main strength lies in the cluster number is dozens of times that of the conventional Radar, so dense point cloud makes 4 d Radar is sometimes referred to as "4 d imaging Radar"


What can 4D Radar do? In the past, millimeter-wave radars were mostly used for ADAS, or autonomous driving at L2 and L3 levels. Such as high level unmanned (L4, L5) will depend on lidar. Now, the launch of 4D Radar undoubtedly paves the way for the millimeter-wave Radar family to move into advanced driverless driving, offering more possibilities

In the case of motorcycles, a series of sensors are used to help the vehicle develop an advanced driver assistance system (ARAS) such as blind spot detection (BSD), lane change assistance (LCA) and forward collision warning (FCW)

In short distance, it can realize the position sensing of front and rear vehicles to avoid the hidden danger caused by dangerous driving such as rear-end collision and overtaking. It provides the most reliable detection of all kinds of bad weather, including fog, rain, darkness and air pollution. It also includes smaller targets on the side of the road, such as a person or bicycle, which can determine if they are moving and in which direction, even if they are covered by a larger object such as a tree or truck, and provide real-time situation data and alerts to the vehicle. In the case of long distance, it can be used as navigation and driving records

The biggest impression of motorcycles is that they are dangerous, so motorcycles have a particularly urgent need for safety. In the future, 4D imaging radar may become an indispensable part of motorcycle driving