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Car review: Honda CB400X, for walking motorcycle brigade two not wrong!
Release date:2021.08.25

This car has existed in foreign countries for many years, but due to the management system of foreign driver's license, 400cc is a problem. Honda produced this car for this class, but the difference in displacement between it and 500X is only more than 70cc. First of all, the dealers will be anxious. Even if CKD is introduced, the production capacity is limited, and the taste of not making money must be anxious. CB500X is one of the best-selling models in Honda Damao. After the arrival of CB400X, the displacement is not much different, but the price is so much lower. It is likely that the 500 displacement cannot be sold. The third is the imitator, imitation OF CB400X engine, the appearance of the manufacturers, the genuine version of the copycat version, how can not worry?

First of all, from the front face, the headlights of CB400X are more distinctive. The design of front and back radiation has the same visual feeling as the bird's beak and flanking. On the one hand, there will be a compact feel, and on the other hand, there will be a muscular feel that comes with motorbike cars. The small wings on both sides have become a visual label of the Honda brand. In addition, high speed riding can reduce wind resistance and maintain stability. Secondly, the visual part of the water tank can be well integrated

The oil tank is visually short. The 16.5L large oil tank is placed at the back and short. Firstly, it is hoped that the weight can be concentrated in the whole. The seat also gives us a very wide and fat feeling, after all, this is a motorcycle car

Configuration section:

The 399cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine produces a maximum of 33kW at 9000rpm and 37Nm at 7,500rpm. Compared to the 500cc platform, there is a 72cc difference in displacement and 1cm shorter stroke, but the peak power and torque burst speed is increased by 500rpm, and the compression ratio of the engine is improved to 11:1

Honda has always been gm in the frame of models on the same platform. As a result, the ground clearance of CB400X and CB400F is 156mm and the wheelbase is 1416mm. This car has a trim mass of 195kg, a fuel tank capacity of 16.5L, a seat height of 807mm, front and rear 17-inch wheels, front 120mm and rear 160mm wide tires

The front is still a vertical shock absorber, with 17-inch wheel hub, in the wild to some poor; Rear shock absorbers are middle - mounted shock absorbers with adjustable preload. The front brake is a single floating disc, with Nikshin unidirectional double piston calipers; Rear single floating dish with one-way single piston calipers

Control part:

When the engine is lower than 2000 RPM, there will be drag gear situation. When the engine is above 2000 RPM, it can start relatively easily in 1-3 gears. In the case of daily transportation, several gears can be competent. The revs are a little bit higher after 4th gear, but the engine should be smooth after 3000 RPM. At 4000 RPM, there will be a significant increase in torque, and the vibration will be felt at 5000, 6000, and 7000 RPM, depending on the gear

The lower part of the body is the sitting position of a streetcar, and the upper part of the body is the sitting position of an adventure car, and the whole is comfortable. The center of gravity of the vehicle is very well matched, which gives the rider a very good experience of turning and tipping while ensuring the stability of the vehicle. When the body slightly tilts left and right, the vehicle will follow with the corresponding steering. The wider handlebars give you a wider steering Angle, allowing you to do small radius turns and pressure bends with confidence

The formation of the front shock absorber is only 120mm, the adjustment is soft, and the rear shock absorber is hard. This combination not only takes into account the sports performance, but also brings some comfort in the city riding and motorcycle road. The Honda doesn't have a single disc on the brakes, but the brakes are intuitive and linear at high speeds


In the closed road test, the first gear can run up to 80km/h, the second gear can run 100km/h, and the third gear can run 130km/h. Theoretically, the speed of the car should be above 160km/h. This power performance is more than enough for domestic roads

It's time for us to summarize this model. First of all, I think the difference between 400X and 500X is very much like a low power version of a car, and a high power version. BMW is good at this (F750, F850) and C-triomphe is good at this (Tiger850, Tiger900), either with different tuning of the same engine or with different displacement. But Honda split the two products, one big trade system, one CKD system. Obviously, this is not good for the layout of the whole product line. 400CC is coming in, so it is likely that the 500 platform will be relegated to the middle row system of Honda Wing in the future, and then become the high and low matching version of 400CC, which is invincible in the price

If you think of this as a pure adventure rally car, it may not be for you. Because this car is not set up to be able to instantly produce torque on bad roads, it may not be up to it if you ride it professionally. But it can go long, it can go bad, it's just not as radical

CB400X positioning is more like a travel function of the street car, comfort as far as possible to the adventure car close, less a street car with the sex and make public, more than some station wagon that stable temperament, if the daily want to walk, occasionally run long distance motorcycle brigade, but also the pursuit of quality, then CB400X is quite suitable