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Sekelon RE3 Youth edition: "MOE new" coffee knight dream
Release date:2021.08.25

The craze of retro style somehow spread from the father shoes and sportswear in the fashion industry to different aspects, music, design, everything can be retro. In particular, young people who should have had little exposure to the style of the '80s and' 90s have become a mainstay of retro culture. As more and more young people join the ranks of retro, smart manufacturers will follow the pace of consumers.

Sekelon RE3 was released in 2020. A year later, Sekelon not only upgraded the engine of the car from 380cc to 401cc, but also released the RE3 250 youth version for different people. The same Cafe Racer shape, different power heart, more suitable for novice needs.

A standard Cafe Racer must have the following:

The infrastructure line of the vehicle is a continuous horizontal line from front to rear wheels, which makes the car look like a Cafe. The visual center of the vehicle should be in the oil tank and engine position, also located in the golden section of the vehicle; The former vertical line of the rear axis is bounded, so elements should not exceed these two lines, including the fender, which many CAFES do not have.

Of course, if you want to make the RE3 250 Junior a little more retro, it gives you plenty of room for modifications such as detached handlebars, number plates, hump cushions, etc. Sekelon also provided some of the original factory modifications.


The whole car LED lights, 5 fisheye symmetrical lens LED headlights, mechanical liquid crystal combination instrument and other configurations, so that the RE3 250 youth version is not so rigid retro, and LED lamps also increase the safety of night riding.

The seats are covered in vintage leather, and the padded interior has been adjusted to make the seats more comfortable than the old RE3. The RE3 250 youth version has a 1380mm wheelbase and a 770mm seat height, which is very friendly for most riders, but the leg space will be limited for those with a slightly larger body.

Then there is the 249cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 18.5kW /9500rpm and a maximum torque of 18Nm/8500rpm. Asynchronous double cylinder power output more dense, less vibration, better sound wave. More suitable for vintage cars than single cylinder.

In terms of riding experience, the speed of the water-cooled twin cylinder is very malleable, and the low torsion power below the fourth gear is abundant. The RE3 250 Youth version has a soft adjustment to filter out more bumpy road feel. The front and rear brakes are relatively soft. When you just start, you must adapt to find your comfortable braking distance and avoid following the car too close.

In the process of cycling, I found that because the engine was close to my calf and knee, I would feel a heat wave from my calf when I encountered traffic jams in urban cycling.

The oil tank adopts the baking paint process, which has a good texture, and the paint is wear-resistant, oil resistant and corrosion resistant. The full-length stainless steel bilateral exhaust is very retro, so that the engine displacement of only 249CC car, the sound can meet your requirements.

In China, there are not many retro models with a tone, and in the current trend of "sports retro", the British retro style of Secoron RE3 250 youth edition is unique, which is more attractive to those who love the old style and feelings, and the huge space for modification also improves the playability.

The motorcycle circle is flooded with "MOE new" every day, resulting in a small displacement of the imitation race market to fight each other, but do not forget that there are a part of the novice love retro, they have few choices. If you're a newbie who loves retro and loves Cafe Racer, then the Cycolon RE3 Junior edition might be for you