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Car review: Honda NC750X, underrated 'Old Toole'
Release date:2021.09.02

If a car has the height and beauty of a rover, the ease of handling of a scooter, and the passion of a platoon, would you be tempted?

Today we introduce such a very unique car, from Honda NC750X, although he is an adventure car, but it has a scooter frame, and scooter engine, as well as the DCT version of the clutch, so this bike is very interesting to ride ~

Appearance design:

Let's take a look at the exterior design of this car first, the 21 model NC750X's front face is quite a big change. Headlights are more family-oriented headlights. The headlights on CB400X and CB500X have the same shape as those on NC750X, but with more layers than before

Another obvious change is the small wings on the side, although it is just an overlay, but the impact on the overall vision is still quite big. The design of the extended beak makes the head appear fuller and the proportion of the vehicle more harmonious

The color differentiation of the whole vehicle is mainly through the small wings, and the color change of the false fuel tank area. The color of the rest of the area is black, with local silver, so that the whole vehicle is more stable in the color collocation



745cc water-cooled 8-valve in-line twin engine, maximum power 43kW /6250rpm, maximum torque 69Nm/4750rpm, torque burst point is relatively early. Compression ratio 10.7:1, relatively small compression ratio advantage, lies in the low requirements for oil, 92 gasoline is also completely no problem

DCT version has a spare weight of 224kg, MT version is 214kg, 14.1L tank, official fuel consumption is no more than 3.5, according to the case of four oil, at least 300 km

The NC750X stands 802mm and 175cm tall and can easily land on the ball of the foot. Front and rear 17-inch wheels, front wheel width 120mm, rear wheel width 160mm, Dunlop tires. The front shock absorption adopts Showa 41mm vertical shock absorber, the stroke is 140mm, the rear center shock absorber, with multi-link structure, the preload is adjustable

For braking, the front Nissin is opposite to a single disc with four piston calipers and the rear Nissin single piston calipers with a single disc. Shock absorption, brakes are not very high, inverted fork, double disc, nothing, in Honda's concept, the configuration is enough

The vehicle is equipped with electronic throttle and includes four ride modes: Sport, Standard, Rainy, and Custom, which vary in engine power output, TC involvement, and ABS sensitivity

At the same time, Honda's "genius", DCT version of the dual clutch gearbox, liberated the left body, the left hand no longer pinch the clutch, the left foot no longer hang gear. If you want a sense of control, you can also switch to MT manual mode, which changes the gear to a pick

There is also a small caliper under the rear brake disc for the handbrake, because the NC750X switches to N when the engine is turned off, so the handbrake is designed to avoid slipping

The location of the tank and design belong to a very large window of the car, it should be already sinking engine position, as well as the center, don't want to tank here have the effect of a not very rational, at the same time, the rear tank also helps to focus the match, then the location of the fuel tank, is just a model, turned into a storage location, very deep, Smaller full and half helmets can be put down

Riding experience:

DCT version of the shift logic, and the engine speed and throttle opening. In automatic mode, normal mode, 2000 turn will shift, if the throttle in the lower speed range, the vehicle itself will have a downshift and fuel action, although the power is also improved, but the power switching time is slightly delayed

In the mode of automatic transmission and Sport, it will be found that the speed of shift is close to 7000 RPM. At this time, the fun of control comes slowly. In manual mode, the top speed is 70km/h in gear 1, 100km /h in gear 2, 130km/h in gear 3, 160km/h in gear 4, and the top speed is above 180km/h. Because of the combination of electronic throttle and dual clutch, the gear switch is smooth so that you do not believe that this is manual mode, and even in the case of fierce fuel, the car will be smooth, at this time, people who are used to riding the traditional car will have an illusion, is IT me riding? Or the car itself

The placement of the vehicle frame and engine directly brings the effect that the center of gravity is very low, and the center of gravity is relatively concentrated, and there is a kind of tumbler feeling when riding. Very flexible, very light when doing side to side tilts and bends. Because the low center of gravity to overcome the centrifugal force in the bend needs to tilt the Angle is also larger, in the bending action, there is a kind of lying down to turn the pleasure

But because the cause of the clutch less, which USES the manual mode, in the process of riding in the same gear, riding a spoil the conventional buffer in the rotational speed, torque and speed on the three data is difficult to make accurate operation, should give all the accelerator and brakes to cooperate, for a DCT models, maybe we should change the way of thinking, Do not consider the clutch of this semi-cheating way, but the throttle and brake with more effort

The shock absorbers of this car are soft and comfortable, and the brake configuration is not high. When the speed goes up to 40km/h, there will be obvious downward pressure on the front of the car when braking vigorously, but the brake is relatively linear in general

As a crossover models, the name has the meaning of X everyone understand, Honda also hope that this car will take you to the distance, also can be used as your daily walking, hope like pedals on comfort, also let you control don't have much concern, to the oil or the brake, it's as simple as that. You say it is gentle, the shift moment that seamless connection is really gentle, the thrust to the throttle engine low roar and power output will also make people excited, but after the dual clutch and electronic throttle processing power, is not dull, is the kind of absolute calm and confidence

If you're the kind of person who needs extreme power handling, this car is not for you. If you are more buddhist in cycling this thing, hope to be comfortable first, but do not want to buy a pedal is not enough "core", but also need to have the feeling of a large row of cars, not only can ride, but also can take steps, but also want to lower the profile, then this car will save you a lot of trouble. NC750X is a new attempt of Honda in the crossover, this car is not only for Honda, in the whole motorcycle model system, but also a relatively unique existence