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47800 yuan, spring Breeze 700CL-X Sport released! Brembo calipers, KYB shock absorption......
Release date:2021.09.02

After several warm-up, CFMOTO CL-X700 SPORT arrived on September 1st as promised, with an official guide price of 47,800 yuan. After its debut in Milan, CFMOTO CL-X700 SPORT finally made its official debut

The 700CL-X is positioned as a Cafe Racer model, but not a cookie-cutter traditional Cafe Racer. Retro round headlights, separated handlebars with round rearview mirrors, muscular fuel tank, split camel seat, with a strong visual impact

The oil tank in the middle of the car body is designed with internal drawing, and the unique logo is covered with lacquer water. The color is bright and the beauty and durability are taken into account. The rear body and the front of the fuel tank are decorated with a large number of carbon fiber lines. The overall body adopts splicing design, with two colors of starlight white and speed grey

At the beginning of the design, 700CL-X SPORT leaves enough space for car owners to modify. The replaceable seat cushion can meet the high demand of different people, the side box bracket can be disassembled and replaced at will fully show the style of the owner, and the rich post-market fittings such as elevated foot, lightweight sprocket and upper plate, and protective cover for the oil cup can provide the owner with more personalized choices

Low split handlebars with 795mm seat height and detachable split hump seat make the 700CL-X SPORT a very aggressive riding posture. Front and rear 20 sections of adjustable KYB shock absorption, spring, damping Settings biased motion. Reduces steering interference caused by vibration while filtering road bumps

The front brake is designed with 300mm large diameter double disc disc, with Brembo Stylema 4-piston radial calipers, and Brembo straight up pump. The rear brake is a combination of 260mm large diameter single disc and Brembo P34 opposite dual piston calipers

The 693cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine produces a maximum of 75PS (55kW) horsepower at 8500rpm and a maximum of 68N·m of torque at 6500rpm

Based on BOSCH's electronic throttle, the 700CL-X SPORT achieves both ECO/SPORT riding modes. In SPORT mode, the electronic throttle is kept in the most sensitive state, and the engine is turned on in the strongest power mode. When the throttle is tapped, it responds quickly and is ready for full power at any time. In ECO mode, controlled by ECU, the engine always maintains the best fuel injection volume, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively reducing fuel consumption


The cF-SC sliding clutch system, by magnifying the power buffer, enhances the smoothness of the switch between gears, thus reducing the rear wheel jumping caused by the fierce engine braking when downshifting, thus improving the safety and comfort of riding

700CL-X SPORT adopts automatic headlight system, which can be switched on or off with the change of light during driving, reducing artificial operation and making riding more convenient, easy and safe. In addition, 700CL-X SPORT is also equipped with the automatic return function of the turn signal. When the vehicle simultaneously meets the conditions of "speed ≥7km/h", "accumulated mileage ≥200m" and "accumulated time ≥10s", the system will automatically turn off the turn signal. When the speed is greater than 40km/h, the driver can turn on the range switch button to open the cruise control function of CFMOTO 700CL-X SPORT; At the same time, the speed can be increased or decreased by RES and SET buttons respectively, and the maximum speed can be SET to 120km/h

With the help of the cruise control system, the 700CL-X SPORT can automatically maintain the speed without turning the throttle, allowing the vehicle to travel at a fixed speed. In this way, on the one hand, it can reduce the frequency of the rider's right hand twisting the throttle, so that the riding is more comfortable; On the other hand, by reducing unnecessary speed changes, fuel economy performance will be better

German mainland ABS anti-lock braking system. In the emergency braking, the driving computer will automatically control the power output, so that the wheel is not locked, the maximum guarantee of the wheel and the ground adhesion. In addition, CFMOTO 700CL-X SPORT is also equipped with start protection, limp return, roll off, etc