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How about a BMW G310R?
Release date:2021.09.02

Model overview

BMW's G310R, which debuted in June 2017, was even "sidelined" for a time as the smallest and cheapest BMW. But the design, a nod to its big brother, the S1000R, sets the G310R apart from other smaller cars. The first models were beset with problems due to contract manufacturing in India and were sold at a reduced price. After several years of market precipitation, the quality control work of G310R is basically stable now. Are there any owners of G310R who would like to share your riding experience?

The front brake is a combination of a 300mm single disc and radial-mounted 4-piston calipers. Golden anodized calipers are manufactured by BYBRE, a brand of Brembo Group. 41mm golden inverted front fork with gold aluminum oxide coating on the outside. White spring single shock suspension with hydraulic preload adjustment mechanism. Rear brake, 240mm floating disc, BYBRE single piston calipers, black half-hollowed-out rear swing arm is aluminum alloy



G 310 R: 48,500 yuan

Model parameters

Engine type: water cooled, single cylinder, four valve

Actual displacement: 313cc

Maximum power: 21KW /9250rpm

Maximum torque: 27Nm/7500rpm

High: 785 mm

Tank capacity: 11L

Quality: 159kg

My feedback


1, flexible steering

2. Comfortable shock absorption

3, reliable quality


1. Insufficient power over 5000 RPM

2, no double flash, headlight brightness is not enough

3. Serious mud dumping