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100 km fuel consumption 2.6! Tianying TS150 listed, water cooling cooling price from 10800 yuan!
Release date:2021.09.09

On September 5, Tianying motorcycle launched its TS150 sports pedal in Beijing, with fuel consumption of just 2.6 per 100 km.

Senior fans of the sky Eagle motorcycle are not unfamiliar, this is the domestic old motorcycle enterprise, founded in 2002, the style of steady, mainly to produce scooter, is also one of the first sheep taizhou plate.

The TS150 released this time, from the car body can see some traces of yamaha NMAX155, but the sky eagle no matter shape or configuration, or made a big improvement.

TS150 uses the new cute beast front face, which is very different from NMAX155. NMAX is more dignified and stable, while TS150 is very dynamic and sharp. From the design sense, it has reached a very high level, with distinct style, two cars six of one and six of the other are good at winning.

The car is equipped with a 150cc efI water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 10kW and a maximum torque of 13.5N·m, which is basically the same as the current mainstream technology.


The frame of the vehicle is almost identical to the NMAX, with a keel design that effectively ensures rigid handling. At the same time, it adopts the design of front refueling port, which has an amazing volume of 11L, and the endurance range can reach more than 400km according to the factory.

In terms of configuration, Tianying skillfully refers to the anti-japanese experience of many automobile enterprises, that is, through high-tech configuration for product bonus points, which is the weakness of Japanese enterprises. TS150 loaded TFT instrument, mechanical + keyless double start, double USB3.0 interface, LED headlights, size of double adjustable windshield design, greatly improve the vehicle's sense of science and technology.

Here is a special talk about the mechanical + keyless double start system, TS150 is an original feature, the original car is equipped with a car level key system, to provide car search and remote unlock function. At the same time, there is a piece of mechanical key inside the key, which can be hard started through the internal mechanical lock of the start button. The design of double insurance ensures the sense of science and technology and the reliability.

The TS150 published two versions, respectively for the standard version of 10800 yuan and high version of 12800 yuan, the standard version of the LCD instrument, Tensen high grasp tire and CBS, high version of the TFT instrument, Magis semi-hot melt tire and ABS. In terms of high edition, the price of 12,800 yuan is 100 yuan less than the 50% discount of NMAX 25800, which makes people sigh about the cost-effective advantage of Chinese manufacturing.

After a simple test ride, I have a preliminary impression of the Tienying TS150, which is a city life model based on flexibility and lightness, but the large 11-liter fuel tank gives it the ability to travel long distances.

The engine output is more active, the 10Kw power also gives it a good release room, the body is significantly larger than the 125cc class, allowing for a more relaxed sitting position.

In general, The positioning of the Tianying TS150 car is ingenious and accurate, which captures the infinite desire of Chinese users for NMAX. At the same time, with exquisite workmanship and technology configuration, users have to settle for second best, with some psychological comfort.

So the question is, would you choose such a TS150?