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21 Harley Flagship Glide vintage Limited edition collection art level
Release date:2021.09.09

Ray Davidson Korea has announced pre-contract sales of the Electraglider Vival, which is limited to 1,500 models worldwide.

Harley-davidson has announced a limited edition line-up of its "Icons Collection" for global events starting in 2021 and running until January. The ICONS series are limited edition motorbikes that give the ICONS a modern flavour and leave an important mark on the history and authenticity of Harley-Davidson. The "Electra Glide Revival" was the first in the ICONS series to make its debut, and after only 1,500 copies were produced worldwide, the models could not be copied.


As the name suggests, the Electra Glide Revival is the model for harley-Davidson's first Electra Glide Revival. The look of the Electra Glide Revival was inspired by the 1969 Electra Glide and today by harley-Davidson and bat-Wing Fairing, which has become a symbol of motorcycle travel. Since its first application, the batwing pairing has been the inspiration for many touring motorcycles, including The Harley-Davidson, and now plays a pivotal role in establishing harley-Davidson's identity along with the shark-nose pairing.

In addition to the batwing, the outline of the model itself is a complete historical record. In Electra Glide Revival, white paint made of fiberglass is applied to the fairing and saddle-shaped bags, and visible chrome is applied to the front fork, air filter cover, and saddle-shaped bag bar. The blue (hi-fi blue) and black denim two-tone fuel tanks contrast sharply with the white paint, while chrome steel racing wheels and white wall tires complete the old school look, making it a bridge between the past and the present.

The look emphasizes classics, while performance highlights the latest technology from Harley-Davidson. The Milwaukee 8 114 engine is emblematic of the brand, providing dynamic and robust mobility with a single wing-spar tourist frame with a trunk design that supports the vehicle's weight and achieves optimal performance for extended driving. The 49 mm front fork and rear suspension provide a smooth ride and solid control.

Boom compatible with electronic cruise control and Android Auto and Apple Car Play (separate module required)! It has the innovative features of today's Harley-Davidson Touring models, including the Box GTS (Boom! Box GTS) infotainment system.

"We wanted to come up with a model that was designed to advance Harley-Davidson's history and legitimacy while improving customer satisfaction through innovation," said Jochen Zeitz, Global CEO of Harley-Davidson. The purpose of this limited edition line-up is to provide commemorative motorbikes with sustainable value for all who choose the ICONS series." Limited to 1500 units worldwide.