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Honda four-cylinder CBR400RR, you've been waiting for you
Release date:2021.09.09

Car fans have been waiting for Honda to develop a CBR400RR with a 400cc parallel four-cylinder engine. After all, the development cost is not high, and this car will be the only imitation of the current 400cc class with a four-cylinder engine

Recently, the Japanese media made such a guess, I believe it is not groundless!

The CBR400RR will adopt the same design vocabulary as the CBR250RR, and also add the ride mode, two-way fast discharge, sliding clutch and other equipment, coupled with the SIGNATURE VTEC technology support of CB400, absolutely enough to be excited. It uses the same four-cylinder engine as the CB400SF, with a displacement of 399cc and a power output of 52HP at 10500rpm and 9500rpm/38Nm of torque


In fact, as early as 32 years ago, CBR400RR came out, equipped with 399cc water-cooled parallel four-cylinder engine, maximum horsepower 58HP, maximum torque 39Nm, frame and rear rocker arm are made of aluminum alloy, dry weight of only 162kg, this data is also very good today

Honda's car making concept has always been "restrained", so the configuration of Honda cars and the character of Honda cars are not the top of the book data, but this still can not stop so many Honda fans around the world, if this double R 400CC four-cylinder sports car can be released, I believe that there will still be fans to pay!