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Sheng Shi Sport retro car GK350 configuration exposure!
Release date:2021.09.09

Near release, sheng SHI GK350 took the lead in the exposure of some parameters configuration

West hoe brake calipers, front 320mm, rear 265mm disc disc. Diameter 43mm front shock absorption, aluminum alloy rear rocker arm......

Five aspects introduce the upcoming GK350

1, suitable and all kinds of body shape:

Engineers on the seat height and riding triangle strict requirements, short people to feet on the ground, tall legs can not be bent, long-distance waist is not tired, GK350 foot support and other related components of riding triangle almost all redesigned open mold, change gear lever, brake pedal lever length adjustable, foot size are taken into account


2, suitable for long-distance motorcycle travel, off-road pull:

Large 17-litre fuel tank, all-terrain tires, vacuum spoked rims, super bright headlights, comfortable shock absorption, soft seat. GK350 before and after shock absorption with the strongest level, repeated matching, various road conditions test

3, suitable for urban transport, running mountain bending:

Fast acceleration, braking, easy control, this is the characteristics of the car, zero hundred acceleration in 6 seconds, Spain west cross brake. Front wheel 120 tire with rear wheel 160 tire, which is obviously designed for high speed and stability, how can achieve as flexible as 110 front tire, which secret is not easy to reveal, in short, GK350 did, will see a lot of owners of posts to prove this in the future, the top speed of 160KM above stable without pressure

4, suitable for pulling people and loading, equipped with fittings:

The back seat is wide and flat, side box bracket, tail box bracket, rear auxiliary water baffle, extended front water baffle, disc brake lock and so on.

5. Third generation PKE, mobile terminal intelligent control system:

Someday, I will write a micro-blog of three generations of PKE. Today, I will pick a function that no one else has, so that we can enjoy it.

It is the ultimate means of anti-theft to sell stolen goods. GPS and PKE are integrated into a package, which can not be broken up. PKE and ECU control each other, so that ECU can be locked remotely to paralyse the vehicle.

Thieves can not remove the positioning system alone, even the PKE together and dare not send back for a new, do not change the new ECU can not be used, not to say, fuel tank cover, cushion, faucet lock all paralyzed, such a car how to fence stolen goods.

In addition to the above, the GK350 has improved vibration suppression, exhaust noise and low-speed power smoothness to a level comparable to that of the twin cylinder