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Lynk motorcycle hammer! And Lynk 03+ with the same color, the main sports performance
Release date:2021.09.16

On September 13, Lynk released a poster with the words "Performance 'Motorcycle' coming to light", which shows that the main character is a motorcycle, indicating that lynk is sure to launch a motorcycle.

And just a few days ago, the network had spread a picture of a motorcycle related to The Link. By comparing the outline and details of the real car with the motorcycle in the poster, it can be determined that the motorcycle in the network picture is most likely the real car of LYNk motorcycle.

The color scheme of the bike is similar to lynk's performance car, the lynk 03, and confirms the "performance" element mentioned in the poster.


As for power, as you can see from the poster, lynk's motorcycle is still powered by fuel. Lenovo to August 2016, the geely holding group became the first big shareholder qianjiang motor, through acquisitions in 2005, qianjiang motor and the Italian brand motorcycle boehner, presumably, led will get qianjiang motorcycle, boehner, technical support and geely's manufacturing quality control system, or as a high-end motorcycle.

So, once Lynk motorcycle enters the market, it means geely will have the opportunity to regain its glory in the motorcycle field. Relevant data show that in 1999, Geely annual output of 430,000 motorcycles reached nearly 3 billion yuan, the motorcycle models produced not only occupied the leading position in domestic scooter sales, but also exported to the United States, Italy and other 32 countries and regions.

On the other hand, due to the "ban on motorcycles" in mainstream cities, domestic motorcycle enterprises, lacking the support of the domestic high-end consumer market, mainly focus on the research and development of low-end products, and their brand influence cannot be compared with those international brands. Mention Chinese motorcycle in the world, "cheap, low quality" has become synonymous, the export price of a motorcycle is about several thousand yuan on average, "big but not strong" once became the most significant feature of China's motorcycle industry. Lynk launched high-end motorcycles at this time, but also conducive to China's motorcycle manufacturing industry in the international image.

In addition, with the gradual opening of the "ban on motorcycle" in many cities in China, it also lays a foundation for expanding the urban living space of motorcycle and cultivating the leisure culture of motorcycle. The introduction of LYNk motorcycle can also help lynk carry out cross-border marketing in a larger circle and enhance brand awareness.