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The Honda 350ADV is about to make its debut!
Release date:2021.09.16

Update: it has been confirmed that Honda has registered the ADV350 and Click160 new car catalogue. The ADV350, which uses the same engine as the Forza 350, is expected to arrive in Thailand in late 2021.

At present, in the domestic market, in addition to the listed Lifan KPV150, Guangyang S350, Dayang 350ADV, synchronous and Lifan 350, Longjia ADV, Lifan 350ADV in the queue, no accident, one of the hot models in 2022 will be it.

This makes the Honda that takes the lead in ADV market of pedal car has a numerous younger brother. And Honda ADV350 in a lot of younger brother's stimulation, finally appeared, the most important in the cruel market competition, it is very likely to be recognized, kill all parties, take back their own market share.


Because Honda took a nap, the boys grabbed market share and made good profits. However, as a brand with a strong market demand, how could it be allowed to ignore this phenomenon and let it develop freely? So the ADV350, which debuted in Thailand, is definitely going to beat the crap out of him.

As long as this car enters the mainland, it will definitely be the hegemon. After all, the establishment of Honda's medium displacement brand is ultimately aimed at striking peers, occupying the market and giving itself absolute pricing power. So no matter when the car is listed in the mainland, as long as it comes, then displacement and this car similar to some focus on cross-border performance scooter, will become the object of its beating.

Then never again don't involved any relatives and family, because itself is not the relationship, there are only they caught a blank period of market opportunity, let these models hot up quickly, so whether the Honda ADV350 have strong off-road performance, as long as it to other similar models are brother, isn't worth mentioning.