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2022 Suzuki GSX all models updated
Release date:2021.09.16

The GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 were previously marketed as Suzuki reverse-input vehicles in Japan, but were last sold in Japan in 2018 and late 2017 due to emission regulations

However, in North America, where emissions regulations are more relaxed, gsX-R750 and GSX-R600 are still available on the product line, so Suzuki recently announced the new colors of GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000 2022 models

Looking back at the history of GSX-R750 from its birth to recent years, there is no doubt that gsX-R750 was produced until the end when other manufacturers withdrew from the 750CC supersport model line. However, despite such a long history, it is still due to the emission regulations. The unmodified GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 are currently available only in North America


The 2022 GSX-R750/ GSVX-R600 is fairly low-key (SUZUKI has made no announcements or press releases), but it's worth noting that while the GSVX-R750 and GSVX-R600 have no structural or basic changes, However, both have updated the SUZUKI centennial color scheme released last fall, changing the bottom fairing to black and adding a "Z" to the rear of the car's name. It's called Metallic Triton Blue/Metallic Mystic Silver. Also available are Glass Matte Mechanical Gray/Pearl Brilliant White and Glass Blaze Orange/Glass Sparkle Black (glass bright orange/bright spark black) and other three colors

Since the GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 are almost identical in body shape and appearance, they are distinguished by the logo on the seat fairing and the color of the inverted front fork (GSX-R750 is gold outer tube and GSX-R600 is black).

SUZUKI's flagship SPORTS car, the GSX-R1000, is also getting a new 2022 color in North America, Two models Metallic Matte Black No. 2 / Glass Matte Mechanical Gray Metallic Matte Black No. 2 These are new colors that have never been seen in Japan