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250RR, 350AC, 525R, pedal... Wuji four cars together!
Release date:2021.09.16

Imitation race, retro, street cars, pedal four models together, the Wuji Motorcycle fair to hit. Each car has something to show for it, and we're going to preview it today

1, 250 rr

100 km acceleration 6.7s; Preparation mass 147kg; Maximum power 21KW; Tire specifications: front 110/70R17, rear 150/60R17 these 250 class imitation most important data, the 250RR is the leading level

However, the actual picture of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is a little bit down by comparison. I don't know whether we can accept such a publicity color matching. Of course, it depends on how the real car is produced in mass production and will be reported to you at the motorcycle Expo

2, 350 ac

At first glance, 350AC has a strong style of infinite AC series, but if you look closely, you will find that there are many details different from 300AC. The 350AC has been redesigned from the chassis, exhaust, fuel tank and hub to the foot and license plate racks


In terms of power, the engine is not a simple 300 cylinder expansion, but the same 3222cc twin engine of the Kaiyule 321R, with maximum power of 29.5kW / 10,500rpm, maximum torque of 29Nm/9000rpm, reverse-engineered engine of The Yamaha R3, mounted in the Retro car? Look forward to

3, 525 r

Compared to the surprise of the 250RR and 350AC, the 525R seems to be playing with words. The actual displacement is not 525CC, only 23cc higher than 500R to 494cc, I don't know where the 525 comes from. The maximum power is increased to 39.6KW, and the spare mass is reduced by 10kg to 188kg. Some changes have been made to the shape of the new 500R

4, 350 t

As the first pedal of the Infinite, the car came in with a vengeance. The power platform comes from the C400X and C400GT engines manufactured by Longxin for BMW. The 350cc single cylinder is water-cooled, with a maximum power of 25KW /7500rpm and a maximum torque of 35Nm/6000rpm


It also looks like a BMW C400GT, but the price is estimated to be one third of the BMW