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Triumph Trident660, practice the gold card, three cylinder car drive experience to share
Release date:2021.09.24

Today, I would like to share with you my test drive experience of triumph Trident 660. I have been looking forward to this car for a long time, but I did not expect to ride it for the first time in kinkana

There are a lot of experts in this test drive activity of Triumph. For me, who has a single digit number of gold kanas, the first feeling of this car is high affinity. I remember riding a Geeksa 155 in my last Jinkana, which was ok, but when I changed into a GSX250, I felt very uncomfortable

How about the Triumph Trident660? Aside from the configuration, the feedback of the throttle, the brake and the feeling of the center of gravity when the car is tilted make it easy to ride


This car has a very short wheelbase, only 1410mm, which is great for flexibility. In addition, its throttle is very linear, even in first gear, the feeling of returning oil to oil is completely controllable, and with the brake, the overall handling is very good

The wet weight is 189kg, which is really not heavy for such a middleweight three-cylinder car. Short wheelbase, light weight, linear throttle, all of these combined in the Jinkana is very confident. For kinkana layman like me, riding this Trident660 today, is also very informative, dare to chase after the teacher

C-triomphe gave us the impression that its price is friendly and its configuration meets the needs of many people, so its brand competitiveness is very strong. Previous models cost more than 100,000 yuan, but 100,000 yuan has turned many people away. So when the small displacement 660 comes, the price of 86,895 yuan, in the same level of models, this price and configuration is very competitive

Although the car and price are relatively affordable, the Trident 660 is not recommended for beginners. If you are a beginner progressing from 250cc to 400cc, need more quality, more power, more comfortable handling, and want to ride the bike a bit longer, then the Trident 660 is for you.