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RC 8C, Panigale V2 and Daytona are expected to join the battle! WSBK will modify the 600 level rule,
Release date:2021.09.28

With yamaha R7, APpulia RS660 these middleweight imitation competition launched, due to the environmental protection laws and regulations in recent years continue to tighten, many car manufacturers in order to cope with the regulations have their own middleweight imitation racing car upgrade with increased displacement. The head of WSBK has revised the rules of SSP600 in the hope of allowing more labels to join the competition. It is expected to see the KTM RC 8C, DUCATI PANIGALE V2 and Triumph DATONA 765 compete with the traditional inline four-cylinder 600 class

From the trend of new cars in the past two years, the past 600-level car models are indeed gradually facing a change, from the mainstream in-line four-cylinder engine in the past, to now more and more parallel two-cylinder and three-cylinder engines of more than 600CC have slowly become the main force in the market


Even Yamaha has announced yZF-R7 two-cylinder imitation race to try to replace yZF-R6, but in the future, Yamaha will continue to compete with YZF-R6 in the SSP600. How these 600 four-cylinder cars will compete against the larger parallel two-cylinder and three-cylinder cars will become the highlight of the race!