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2022 Augusta F3 RR release!
Release date:2021.09.28

Just a few months ago, MV Agusta F3 ROSSO, which has a relatively affordable price but no compromise in performance and texture, was released and became the only imitation racing car in ROSSO's product line. Maybe some car fans thought: Where is the new and more powerful F3? Now MV Agusta has the answer -- the F3 RR

Mention MV Agusta, head of the first impression is the amazing design aesthetics, from the outside, the new F3 RR besides in car air inlet part slightly revised, aero package into a new development at the same time, the empty baskets of layered design looks extremely competitive sense, not only material but also the best lightweight carbon fiber

Under the pompous exterior, the powertrain also uses a 798cc inline three-cylinder engine, a new two-way oil cooling system improves cooling efficiency by 5%, and through DLC coating, intake and exhaust optimization, and a new design of engine internal components, etc. Give the new variant F3 RR 147ps/13000rpm maximum horsepower and 88Nm/10100rpm maximum torque


As for the electronic system, the F3 RR is equipped with a 5.5-inch full-color TFT LCD meter, which supports Bluetooth connection, navigation and easy monitoring of vehicle data through its own APP. The new EAS3.0 electronic sensor makes the bidirectional fast platoon system more responsive, and features such as corner ABS, tracking control, single wheel suppression and ejection start. With fully adjustable front and rear suspension and lighter five-ribbed wheels, the new F3 RR performs even better on the track

As RR model, the intimate MV Augsta comes with Racing Kit, which includes CNC rod, CNC quick-release fuel tank cover, glass fiber single seat cover, Race ECU and Akrapovic Scorpion titanium alloy tail segment. After modification, the original manufacturer said it could increase the power to 155 cars

Compared to the F3 800 Rosso, which comes in a single red color, The F3 RR will come in Surreal White Gloss/ Mamba Red Gloss and Fire Red Matt/Metallic Dark Gray Matt