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Fierce and savage "wild donkey" motorcycle - kTM 1290 R
Release date:2021.10.08

What kind of motorcycle can change with donkey equal number, a motorcycle like stubborn donkey - kTM 1290 R

KTM, from Austria, is a serious off-road paradise. People who know it often say that kTM is the best in the world. KTM claims that the 2190's front face is inspired by kendo warriors. Its big lamp group has ten l E D light composition, two up and down, namely each four, respectively responsible for the near and far light source. So the other three, the three on the left, if you bend it to the left, it will light up on the left, and if you bend it to the right, it will light up on the right. It will go out automatically when you righted the car. The aluminum alloy bar in the middle is the heat dissipation pad of its big light group. 1290 is equipped with a T F T full color screen, which is responsible for the electric control adjustment of the vehicle. But before we use it.

You have to pass the English level first. The CLASSIC L C 875 micro twin cylinder engine of THE K T M home has a displacement of more than 1,300C and a torque of up to 142 NM. The high explosive parameters of these engines for k t M's home. It's like a regular thing.


What's more, the engine can release 98 nm of power at 2,500 RPM. Then we can compare the second day second second second air.

Civic, so it's going to explode at 2,500 RPM at half the peak power of the Civic. Other cars call it takeoff. This guy, it's takeoff. The support of this powerful engine is naturally dependent on THE classic diaphragm steel tube woven frame of K T M. So while a lot of people are talking about who is faster at zero hundred acceleration, this big wild donkey has been completed in THE hands of K T M. Zero to 200. Eight seconds. I heard that the four acceleration race also needs a special rubber track, and he does not care about you are roads, deserts, rivers, mountains, history, fields.

As long as you're skilled enough and skilled enough, he'll go all the way. Isn't that what they say? Only K, T, M can make a great rally driver.