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Parallel import motorcycle have you ever seen road glide CVO
Release date:2021.10.08

Harley-davidson motorcycles have long been a symbol of upscale brands. The CVO collection is legendary for its extravagance and attention to detail. The 2021 model is an example of aesthetics and high performance features that push the CVO to new heights. Check out the harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide for 2021.

Powering the 2021 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide is the torsional 117CI M8 powertrain, which produces a staggering 126 ft/lb of torque at 3,750 RPM. The HD features a high-performance camshaft and air intake with a 10.2:1 compression ratio and 12 ft/lb more torque than last year's Milk-Eight 114.

The throttle is smooth, predictable, and very human. Whether you're driving in a straight line or shifting through town, the CVO's gearbox is smooth and smooth.

The Road Glide's spacious 64-inch wheelbase and 26-degree rake give this traveling scooter reliable handling that gives its rider confidence at almost any speed.


Although a Touring model is slightly tougher than a Touring model with 19-inch wheels, the CVO Road Glide can still function well as a travel locomotive. Stronger suspension provides more accurate road feedback. It gains remarkable stability, making it less likely to roll over in turns.

The CVO Road Glide's seat height of less than 27 inches means riders of all sizes will feel at home. This is important because the car is popular with female riders. I was very pleased with the luxurious seats and relaxed riding posture.

While there are no changes for 2021, the four-piston calipers with twin 300mm rotors on the front and a single 300mm rotor on the rear provide more than enough brake braking power to bring the 884-pound CVO Road Glide to a quick stop. Not overburdened while maintaining good modulation capability. At the rear, the foot pedal Angle can be a bit steep for some, and ABS are standard.

Front with dual amplifier speakers! Users will hear their music clearly on the highway. This is an impressive feature. The system's two 300-watt amplifiers have a power of 150 watts per channel. You can listen to music on your motorcycle, and it's unique enough

The dashboard can be navigated by touch or manual control. In addition, it can be paired with your phone or communication device to answer calls, respond to texts, navigate or listen to certain music, and now supports Apple Car Play. Finally, tire pressure can also be monitored from here.

The Harley-Davidson application for iOS or Android enhances the infotainment experience. One of the most remarkable aspects of HD applications is the ability to quickly upload routes to your motorcycle navigation. You can create routes by simply transferring them over a Bluetooth or USB connection.

2021 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide specifications

Engine type: Milwauke-eight V-Twin

Displacement: 117CI (1923cc)

Drilling x stroke: 4.075 "x 4.5"

Maximum torque: 126 ft/lbs@3750 RPM

Compression ratio: 10.2:1

Cooling: air cooling

Lubrication: dry sump

Transmission: 6 speed

Clutch: hydraulic drive assist