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The noble Bombardier motorcycle to the three-wheel RT high-spec version
Release date:2021.10.08

BRP Bombardier Leisure Power arrived at the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show, and its can-AM brand new F3 series inverted three-wheeled motorcycle made its national debut and officially went on sale on the same day. The new Spyder F3 series includes the Spyder F3-S Special series and the Spyder F3 limited edition, priced at 286,000 yuan and 338,000 yuan respectively.

Can-am road models SPYDER series has a sharp shape design, inspiration comes from the classic stable body structure of sled car, clever motorcycle and convertible sports car advantage characteristics, is defined as the two strong meet crossover work. In 2020, Spyder series officially entered the Chinese market and completed the official debut. As soon as it was put on sale, it received the attention and praise of the market.

The new Spyder F3 limited edition has a "limited time and limited" polar blue color scheme, which makes the riding style unique. The classic obsidian black and lava ash/orange color match fully demonstrates the avant-garde dynamic overall model, strong and heroic.


The new Spyder F3-S Special series and Spyder F3 Limited Edition continue the BRP brand's innovative tradition with 115 super horsepower ROTAX 1330 ACE engines. 5 UFIT system, vehicle stabilization (VSS) system and large panoramic 7.8-inch widescreen LCD color display make long-distance travel more comfortable and convenient. In addition, the Spyder F3 limited edition comes with an additional detachable waterproof top box that provides an extra 60 litres of storage space.

At the unveiling ceremony of the new car, BRP brand representatives and BRP Chengdu dealers jointly unveiled the car clothes and officially announced the launch of the new Spdyer F3 series road models in the Chinese market. Product details, specifications, pricing and updated purchasing policies for the new Spyder series road cars were also announced.

Steve Pelletier, General Manager of Bombardier Leisure Dynamics International Markets, said: "As a leader in power sports, BRP's extensive product line offers players an exciting and exciting experience, whether on water, land or desert snow. In the future, we will continue to expand our product lineup, explore more development potential and space in the Chinese market, and let more consumers know and gain different sports lifestyle.