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Suzuki introduces gsX-R1000R Phantom edition
Release date:2021.10.08

Suzuki has unveiled the Phantom version of its gsX-R1000R, an upgraded male sports car, with detailed designs on colour, exterior and exhaust to create a very different look. It costs £17,499, 500 more than the regular model

The 2022 GSX-R1000R Phantom has the Yoshimura R11 tail exhaust, with brakes, clutch guards, fuel tank patches, and transparent black high windshields visible in detail. The whole car also added a lot of carbon fiber embellishment, such as fuel tank cover, exhaust pipe hot cover


The body part, the rear of the car with the same color as the whole car extinction black rear hump; The glossy black body is also decorated with glossy black stickers, gold ShowaBFF inverted forks and gold wheels, showing a sense of "phantom" with a bit of luxury in a low-key way

The GSX-R1000R has a 202ps in-line four-cylinder engine with variable valve timing (SR-VVT) from MotoGP's GSX-RR.

In terms of electric control, it is also equipped with S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector), which can select the output curve of horsepower. There are three modes to choose from. Of course, two-way fast discharge, IMU, 10-section adjustable TCS tracking anti-skid system, dynamic tracking ABS, starting ejection system are also essential