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Car review: sports car shell, a good live! Triumphant 765 rs
Release date:2021.10.14

Prior to 2006, C-Triomtriom also tried to develop a 650cc four-cylinder TT650 to compete with the Japanese R6, ZX-6R and CBR600R. But they probably couldn't do it, so they switched to the three-cylinder Daytona 675, which won a lot of accolade for Triumph and became a supplier of Moto2 engines. With the success of the car, Triumph also launched a classic streetcar version, the Street Triple 675, until the 675 was upgraded to the 765 platform in 2017. However, the 765 platform did not directly launch the sports car version, but first launched a street car, it seems that the hope is that the 765 platform can make some achievements in civil and commercial


To describe the shape of the car, it is necessary to mention the iconic headlights, which are also responsible for the nickname "Frog Prince". The front face is very simple, mainly to highlight the two headlights, there is nothing below the "eyes" area, above is similar to the windscreen cover, in the middle of the most obscure place hidden air inlet, without any sense of violating. The headlights of the 765 are not connected to the upper Samsung and handlebars, but connected to the frame, which is more common in sports cars and is also characteristic of Triumph

When viewed from the side, the headlights are very prominent, which is not accepted by many people. The body cover is not big, only blocking the unattractive pipeline, the strong engine is all exposed, even if the fuel tank is thin, the whole looks very muscular. The fuel tank has the same shape as the Sports car Daytona, which is easy to clamp and side mount, and the flat design makes it easier to handle when riding down

The shape of the front and rear seats, as well as the stitching will be more sporty and tough. The cover on both sides of the back seat is hollow, but it can't be held by hand. It's more to match the front of the car. Now, let's take a look at the car as a whole. Generally we say shell car, are street car cover a sports car shell. But 765 is a different way of thinking about it. It's like a street car cut out of a lathe


Configuration part:

765cc 12-valve, dual overhead camshaft, in-line three-cylinder engine, maximum HP 123ps/11750rpm, peak torque 79Nm/9350rpm. Horsepower is on par with a hardcore sports car and torque is on par with a streetcar. Dry weight 166kg, fuel tank 17.5L, the vehicle's wet weight is about 190kg. Seat height 825mm, wheelbase 1405mm, in the same level of street cars, is relatively short

The same frame as the Daytona is also very hardcore. In terms of shock absorption, Showa 41mm inverted front fork, compression rebound preload can be adjusted; Rear shock absorbers are Ohlins with fully adjustable tanks

Braking, front 310mm double floating disc with Brembo M50 opposite four-piston radial calipers, rear 220mm single disc with Brembo single piston calipers, both front and rear ABS can be closed. Tires for Pirelli Red 1, specifications for the front 120 rear 180

Other aspects:

In the process of riding, I found that this car is very interesting. It is rare for civil cars to have power output in such a wide speed range from 2000 to 14000 RPM. First gear speed 100km/h, second gear speed 140km/h, third gear speed 180km/h

But after 6000 revolutions, the vibrations are transmitted from the handlebars to the feet. Second and third gear are perfectly adequate for daily cycling, if you don't take vibration into account. And the higher the speed, the stronger the sound of the engine. But after the gear, just said that there is such a power reserve, but the average person may not use at ordinary times

765RS is also smooth in a gear with a small speed range, but after all, it is a high forwarding engine, and the heat brought by the engine is also great when it keeps running in low gear and high turn. The wet weight of 190 kg is not too heavy for a middleweight streetcar, and it is easy to push and ride. In a word, smart. Acceleration, tilting turns are very clever, there is a kind of where to hit the feeling

The sitting position is not as hardcore as the sports car, the foot moves down, the handlebars rise, the fuel tank fits the inside of the thigh well, when you want to stand up, sit forward a little, when you want to lie down, the fuel tank position can also be very comfortable to bend down

Very impressed with the brakes, a good performance for a streetcar of its class. The trip of the front brake is not long, but according to different forces, there will be different effects of feedback. The pounding of the front brake was also noticeable, but within a predictable range. The front and rear shock absorbers are sports tuned, and the whole section is adjustable only for professionals, daily rough strength riding mode, filtering ordinary road obstacles has no problem, but the bumpy road will be obvious

Electronic throttle, equipped with power mode, R has 3 power modes, RS is 5 power modes: Rain, road, Sport, track, custom. There will be differences in the involvement degree of ABS, power output and TC

Two more ridicule points, the original factory rearview mirror adjustable range is too small, urban road riding may need to pay more attention to the rear lane change overtaking. Another point, the plastic covers on both sides of the back seat, which are very brittle, are not handrails that can be used to move the car. Although beautiful, they are not practical

When C-Triomphe developed this car, it was intended to be a bit of a slacker, which is even more direct than the shell. But unexpectedly, after cutting a running car into a street car, the unique shape also won the title of frog prince, everyone's response is also very good. Maintain the stability of the sports car, and the affinity of street cars, can be said to be inadvertently inserted liuLiuchengyin

765 belongs to the type of sports car sidestreet car. With the increasing integration of models, we can see that sports car is partial to station wagon and street car, but the models of sports car sidestreet car are relatively unique. Therefore, if you compare 765 with other sports cars and streetcars at the same level, you will find that it is not suitable. It is better than low twist with sports cars and has much more power than streetcars

It makes sense that the C-Triomphe didn't use the 765 engine platform first for sports cars, but for more civilian streetcars. This engine is tougher than a four-cylinder and steadier than a two-cylinder. In need of sound, speed and comfort, three cylinder cars in many models belong to the more integrated middle zone. If the price is more appropriate, the acceptance of users will be higher. If you are sensitive to technical parameters, you will not pay for Brembo and Ohlins, which means you are a car person. You are tired of Japanese street cars and don't like European and American sports cars. You can pose for photos when parked on the side of the road and enjoy riding like a tiger. Then the Triumph 765RS is for you