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Full charge in 90 seconds? Another breakthrough for electric cars
Release date:2021.10.14

Compared with fuel vehicles, charging time is the biggest disadvantage of electric vehicles and electric motorcycles. If electric car charging can also be like fuel car refueling so fast......

Mahle, working with Allotrope Energy, has actually developed a "lithium carbon" hybrid battery that can be recharged in a fraction of a second, with a small electric pedal that can be fully charged in as little as 90 seconds

Allotrope Energy's lithium carbon technology combines the best of supercapacitors and traditional lithium-ion batteries to provide a battery that can be charged quickly and maintain a good Energy density. The technology uses a high-power battery-type anode and a high-capacity double-layer capacitor (EDLC) type cathode separated by an organic electrolyte


The designers say the benefit of this structure is that the battery remains stable even at high temperatures, meaning it can transmit high currents without external cooling or complex battery management, with the new battery capable of charging up to 20kW. The new battery could be piloted on a small electric motorcycle and, more importantly, its capacitive cathode can achieve a lifetime of more than 100,000 cycles, far higher than conventional batteries

The new technology will also solve some of the environmental problems posed by conventional batteries. The new battery does not use rare-earth metals and is recyclable with minimal environmental harm, both during production and long after it wears out