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This is lifan? Finally something different
Release date:2021.10.14

Lifan has not been developing smoothly in recent years. There has been no news for a long time, leading to the decline of the brand's reputation bit by bit. Chongqing Motorcycle Fair released several new cars such as KPT400 and KPM Cafe, which finally drew people's eyes back to some

The KPT400 is a recreational vehicle with a flat front that is quite different from the 200 and 150 of the KPT family. If you look carefully, the two sides of the front of the car to create a relatively large feeling, in addition to the front, the body shape is more ordinary

The engine and the body are not connected very compact, always give a person a feeling that is about to fall off. The DRF400cc two-cylinder eight-valve water-cooled engine developed by Lifan itself has a maximum power of 31.5KW /9500rpm and a maximum torque of 35Nm/7500rpm. This data is very good in the same type of Chunfeng 400GT, Sekeron RG3 and other models


Lifan's configuration is not low, the whole car LED lamps, aluminum alloy engine protection plate, adjustable front windshield, TFT intelligent screen projection instrument, intelligent remote control key. Brakes use front four piston rear double piston calipers with front and rear dual channel ABS. In terms of shock absorption, the front fork can be adjusted upside down, and the center rear shock absorption can be adjusted

Excluding the three boxes and the bumper, the spare mass is 211kg, the height of the seat is 800mm, the clearance from the ground is 160mm, the tank volume is 18.5, and the official endurance can reach 500 kilometers

The KPT400 costs 29,980 yuan, and the version with three cases and bumper guards costs 32,980 yuan

KPT400 is the largest displacement of Lifan in the sale, the purchase group of recreational vehicles is a small number, Lifan is still a little deviation in the model positioning, the future continue to use this engine to develop street cars and imitation race, in order to recover some brand awareness. Once lifan is also the first echelon of domestic, but the market rules are mostly such, a wave beat a wave, not timely according to the market change direction of Lifan, can also turn the tide