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Comparison between single cylinder motorcycle and double cylinder motorcycle, how should motorcycle travel choose?
Release date:2021.10.14

Motorcycle as our daily means of transportation, with the rise of motorcycle travel in recent years, more and more people begin to choose motorcycle travel. As a motorcycle for many years of senior car friends, I believe that the types of motorcycles have some understanding, but as some novice white, how should go to choose the right motorcycle? So give you popular science under the motorcycle type and use how to choose.

Motorcycle development has a history of more than 100 years, invented from the West has updated many categories, but as a motorcycle for daily use, can choose from a wider range. China as a manufacturing power, for motorcycle production is also increasingly in progress, at present, China's motorcycle enterprises also master a variety of engine research and development and reverse research and development, from the original single cylinder car to today's four cylinder machine, the degree of progress is still very big.

If you choose a car can travel and have certain through sexual motorcycle, suggest to large tank volume and vehicle relative to a larger size, it is best to have the spokes wheel, so generally cross-country through sexual better, after all, a lot of places of the road is the road surface pavement, if choose a superior performance of the motorcycle is very good.


If you choose a motorcycle riding on the pavement, and for the length of the journey is not very far then the general pedal motorcycle can cope with it, its advantages are comfortable sitting position, simple operation, many novices will choose the pedal motorcycle. In fact, most of the time, the use of motorcycles is very extensive, with many cities after the ban on motorcycles, some motorcycles can only ride in rural areas, for rural partners general motorcycles can meet their needs.

Category is divided into many kinds of motorcycle, such as the size of the displacement and the engine cylinder number of how many, also can affect people's choice of motorcycle, as today the most popular single cylinder machine with double cylinder machine, these two types are the most common, of our current contact motor as single-cylinder engine, a lot of ordinary people are buying single-cylinder motorcycle, fuel efficient, simple maintenance, after all, is the characteristic of single cylinder machine.

The application of double cylinder machine as early as in the last century began, the inventor of the first is mainly two cylinder power than single cylinder, and at the same rate of double cylinder machine compared to the single cylinder vibration suppression is doing better, a lot of long distance of the friend most of them are selected two cylinder machine, one is can get strong power output, 2 it is a long ride can reduce a lot of vibration, The long-distance comfort of motorcycle friends is better than single cylinder.

Single-cylinder purpose motorcycle in the smoothness may not be as good as the two-cylinder machine, but the output strength of low torsion is better, more professional cross wild words, the utilization rate of single-cylinder is much higher, single-cylinder characteristics is fuel saving is not lack of torque, the favorite of the off-road god, it can be seen that the single-cylinder off-road motorcycle is the most popular in the professional field.

Above all, to travel to travel, most of the friends has a different choice, but considering the overall comfort words are better choice of the twin motorcycle, for maintenance and energy saving, don't care about the vibration data, in terms of single-cylinder machine is very popular, after all, different displacement in different vehicles have different views, And the needs of the motorcycle brigade is also different because, after all, the number of cylinders to choose or see motorcycle friends like.

For motorcycle travel, we will choose single cylinder machine or double cylinder machine? Welcome everyone to leave a message to exchange, share more motorcycle travel knowledge, let everyone travel more secure