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Don't be superstitious about the new, motorcycle maintenance is always the same, see why this car "chug".
Release date:2021.10.20

Many owners will think that a new accessory is not faulty, especially in the case of stubborn owners, often mislead the repairman to take a detour, often found around a circle, the initial judgment may be right, although because it is new to bypass it.

Just took over a copy of a Qiao ge GY6 pedal motorcycle, the owner said that can not add the throttle, slowly run no problem to increase the throttle suddenly. Did the owner say he ran out of oil? The car is running a little oil!

Za a listen to this is not the money, regardless of what's wrong with the oil money earned a first, change the oil test launch vehicle, indeed, such as the owner said, step on the gas, speed very quickly, but not shut down, has been TuTuTu.

Began to doubt whether the air filter blocked? Open the air filter some dirty, and then change the air filter, reset or so, it is suspected that the carburetor problem.


I opened the barrel and found that the carburetor was new. I hadn't removed the carburetor yet. The owner said it couldn't be the carburetor! I changed my carburetor for two weeks and it's already broken? Say you don't waste your time here, I'm anxious to use the car.

Listen to the owner of the car, a little meditation, or feel that should be carburetor problems in the majority, so I asked the owner, not to say the new carburetor, is a new car can not guarantee that there is no problem? Based on my maintenance experience, the odds are it's your new carburetor.

So said, the owner of a think also right, and see I insist on suspicion carburetor, had to say you tear it down! Then mumbled that I was too busy to talk to him.

Open the carburetor bottom shell problem was found, the original is the main mouth was similar to cotton blocked things, carburetor is also very dirty! I showed it to the owner and said to him, see, the reason is here, are blocked, can not oil, how can the car work properly, you say this kind of trouble with the new old what relationship. The owner of the car took a look, and suddenly became silent.

The problem is caused either by fuel or by a dirty tank. Since it was dismantled, I carefully cleaned up the carburetor volume hole, the installation of the test throttle to the end, the engine speed ow drop! And that's it.

This kind of fault actually moves up, feels super brief, is to open dredge the thing, does not take much time, but it is very important to judge the fault. In the maintenance of fault judgment, to adhere to their own independent thinking, do not be misled by the language of the owner, otherwise a detour wasted time, but no one to pay for your time.