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Commemorating 15 world champions, The Augusta Superveloce Ago has released a limited edition of 311 units!
Release date:2021.10.27

To say who is the greatest motorcycle racing driver in the history, many people will first think of the nine-time world champion Rossi, but in fact, there is another Italian Giacomo Agostini, who has won 15 world titles and 311 races on the GP350 and GP500. The record is still unbroken. Having retired as MV Agusta brand ambassador, He was recently invited to Misano to launch a special edition of the 311-unit Superveloce Ago in his honor

To commemorate each Agostini victory, Augusta will hand-build 311 Superveloce Ago, each with a fixed belt on the lid and a carbon-fibre serial number. The top 15 of the Superveloce Ago will also be decorated with a different year's World Championship trophy to commemorate the impressive record of 15 world championships


In addition to its monumental appearance, the Superveloce Ago is also fully equipped. In terms of suspension, the front suspension is an Ohlins Nix 43mm inverted front fork and the rear suspension is an Ohlins TTX 36 single gun with adjustable preload, compression and rebound. In addition, the Superveloce Ago is also equipped with an electronically adjustable Ohlins anti-swing head that is secured using a custom-made CNC cutting assembly, and the Samsung bench is also made from forged aluminum CNC cutting surfaces

From the side fairing, fender, lower half of the tail shell to the single seat cover, it is made of carbon fiber. In addition to giving the rider less area to hit the wind, the higher windshield echoes the three-cylinder cars Agostini raced on more than 50 years ago

To fully unlock the Superveloce Ago's track power, Augusta also has the Arrow's modified exhaust pipe, which delivers 151HP. What's more, the collection comes with a set of red handlebars like Agostini's favorite, Alcantara suede seat cushions, restricted clothes and a limited-edition certificate

The Superveloce Ago is powered by a 798cc three-cylinder engine with 147hp/ 13,000 RPM and 88Nm/ 10,100 RPM horsepower. It uses reverse crankshaft technology from MotoGP. In terms of electric control, there are 4 power modes, 8-stage tracking control, two-way fast discharge, ejection start, solitary wheel control and cruise control