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Honda's supercar project!
Release date:2021.10.27

It's been 30 years since Honda introduced the CBR900RR Fireblade, and the era of Honda's dominance in sports cars seems long gone. But recently, a new patent suggests Honda may be planning an unusual design for its new roadster program

CBR900RR Fireblade

The patent document goes into great detail, including descriptions and drawings of the chassis, as well as small parts such as gauges, rearview mirrors, bars and even side braces. These details confirm that Honda's new sports car will be a commercial version rather than a racing or concept car

The new patented frame is based on a four-cylinder engine, which also acts as a load-bearing part, connecting the frame to the engine in models like the Ducati Panigale V4 and Aprilia RS 660


What's really different about this car is the seat and fuel tank, which are combined into a single carbon fiber part that attaches to the main frame for support. There seems to be no subframe design behind the seat. The patent even describes how the brace is attached to the fairing's side panels, a design reminiscent of the Honda NR750 of the past


There are more surprising details in the drawings, such as a simulated tachometer on the left side of the meter, which reaches a maximum of 14,000 revolutions. On the right is a TFT LCD meter

The patent specifies that the goal is to reduce the weight of the car. Can Honda's new design disrupt the market?

Fire blade introduced domestic and then quietly rolled off things, Honda is currently in the domestic l model, do not see the shadow of the sports car, do not know this supercar will is the blade's successor, fire or not, however, Honda are in urgent need of a liter or more fierce dozen of models to consolidate the status