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Non - twin engines, electric pull full! Honda NT1100 released
Release date:2021.10.27

On October 21st, Honda NT 1100 was officially released! Equipped with non-dual platform engine and full control, positioned as a new flagship sports car

Honda's "NT" series may not be familiar to domestic car buyers. From 1998 to 2013, Honda's NT650 and NT700 Deauville were station wagons with reliable quality, using a 65HP V2 engine. However, these models were not popular in that year. Now, Honda is bringing back the "NT" to fill the sports wagon void

The NT 1100 nose design is similar to the X-ADV, NSS750, and fully fits the sports travel orientation. The nose fairing protects the rider's lower body from wind. 5 adjustable windshields, 16.4cm difference between the highest and lowest positions. Heated handlebars are standard, and the rear seat is equipped with a rear handrail, which provides convenience for carrying people or mounting three cases

Equipped with 1084cc water-cooled 8-valve parallel twin cylinder engine, the maximum power is 75kW (102ps) /7500rpm, the maximum torque is 104Nm/6250rpm, the power data is consistent with non-dual, no redundant tuning

The spare weight is 238kg, the seat height is 820mm, and the tank capacity is 20.4L


As for electric controls, the NT1100 is equipped with an electronic throttle, so it can be equipped with not only two-way fast braking options, but also five adjustable ride modes: road, rain, travel and two rider customization modes. Each mode has different power output and engine braking involvement; It also features Honda's signature HSTC anti-skid system and lone wheel suppression, each with three adjustable segments. The cruise control function is indispensable in the travel model. NT 1100 also provides MT and DCT options

In terms of configuration, the front shock absorption adopts Showa 43mm SFF-BP inverted telescopic fork, with adjustable preload; The rear shock absorption is an integral aluminum swing arm with pro-link, SHOWA hydraulic dial type preload is adjustable, and the stroke is 150mm. For braking, the front NISSIN radial four-piston calipers, with dual 310mm discs; Single piston calipers for rear brake, with 256mm single disc, front and rear dual channel ABS

Finally, take a look at the 6.5-inch, touch-sensitive TFT full-color LCD meter, which has bluetooth connection and Apple Carplay and Android Auto phone connection. The TFT meter has the same design as the car body, and the texture is very good. In preparation for longer rides, the NT1100 is also equipped with USB and 12V charging ports

The Honda NT1100 is available in black, white and grey and will cost £11,999 for the DCT version in the UK

As a crossover, Honda doesn't do it all. With the core of the non-dual engine, to create a sport suvs, power enough, comfort enough, electric control equipped enough, and very in line with Honda temperament ~