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Lynk's first motorcycle hits the market. Great Wall unveils its new motorcycle.
Release date:2021.11.04

Do not know whether the lack of core impact, the recent car companies are a little "idle". Xiaopeng launched a flying car and Honda announced it was developing a rocket. These things although the gimmick is also very enough, but honestly from our average people or relatively far.

Two other companies are making more interesting moves. Lynk's motorcycle, unveiled at the Shanghai auto show, is officially on the market, while Great Wall has registered a new company called Great Wall Soul Technology, which makes motorcycles.

Which makes you wonder, are Geely and Great Wall ready for a motorcycle showdown? What are they trying to do? Let's take a look at kung Fu Car.

(1) Geely's motorcycle is actually a "traditional art skill"?

Lynk motorcycle is this year's Shanghai auto show for the first time exposed, originally thought it was a ticket, did not expect a few days ago this motorcycle officially launched. It was a joint venture between Lynk and Benali, and lynk named it the "Fuel Slug".

In fact, we do not have to tangle, because no matter lynk or Benali, are geely holding brand.

More to the point, Geely itself got its start making motorcycles. Before cars, Geely made refrigerators and building materials, and it was from motorcycles that it made its first fortune, laying the foundation for cars. In the early days, Geely once had two motorcycle brands, Meimei and Haoqing, which were quite popular in China, at least in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions.


But when motorcycle racing was banned, the market began to shrink dramatically, and Geely gradually shifted its focus to "making affordable cars". This is not surprising, because at that time, the domestic enterprises that could make motorcycles were already standing at the top of the manufacturing industry. Even now, Geely still has a motorcycle business under its umbrella.

In addition to the glowing gold color scheme of the LYNk 03+, lynk's most notable feature is a 600cc water-cooled inline four-cylinder engine. The maximum power reaches 60kW, the maximum power speed is 11000rpm, and the maximum torque is 55Nm. With its small body and low wind resistance, it can accelerate 0-100km/h in just 4 seconds.

Priced at 53,800 yuan, its main rivals in this class are the Kawasaki 400 and the Honda 400, and its biggest advantage should be the 50,000-class four-cylinder engine. If the volume of cars is justice, and the number of cylinders in motorcycles is justice, the four-cylinder engine can bring better sound waves and more sensory driving experience, which is quite a big advantage.

Of course, at present, lynk's motorcycle can only be said to be a small test, such a high positioning may be difficult to shake Honda, Yamaha and other high-end brands in the industry. Geely will need to show more sincerity if it really wants to make a dent in high-end motorcycles.

(2) The Great Wall built motorcycles to build tanks?

Some time ago, the Great Wall and Wuling have obtained motorcycle permits. At present, Wuling has not moved yet, while Great Wall has taken a step ahead.

The Great Wall's goal was clear. It was to build heavy locomotives. On the previous exhibition, the Great Wall once appeared tank 300 locomotive co-branded. On the basis of the ordinary version of the tank 300, it is equipped with a motorcycle frame, fixed pedals, a climbing ladder leading to the roof, and a tent shade, etc., so it can be said to be a modified field camper. The outline of the Taklimakan Desert was added to the side of the car, along with the words "N39°" to represent its coordinates at 39° NORTH latitude.

May look in the Great Wall, buy tank series SUV users, most are to go outside waves. When you go running in the desert, wouldn't it be more perfect to have a matching scooter that can effectively enhance the car experience?

At this year's Chengdu auto show, Great Wall also unveiled a new version of its gun pickup truck, the Locomotive Gun. The new car is based on a single-row seating structure, with the same length as the double-row Great Wall gun pickup, but with a longer cargo compartment and a dedicated motorcycle frame that can carry motorcycles up to 2.4 meters in length. In addition, Great Wall also designed a special slide and remote control winch, so that users can load and unload the locomotive alone.

There are signs that the Great Wall is indeed trying to get closer to the locomotive culture. After all, now the Great Wall of all kinds of hard off-road vehicles are just red, whether the Great Wall gun series or tank series, have very good market influence, it can be said that they have their own unique culture, constantly expanding this IP, for the Great Wall is natural.

(3) Four wheels for the body and two wheels for the soul?

In foreign countries, the realization of two and four wheel "amphibious" enterprises are not rare, the most typical are BMW and Honda, among which Honda is one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers. Honda is often joked to be a first-rate lawnmower, a second-rate motorcycle company and a third-rate car company, which shows that it is not unusual for car companies to "cross boundaries".

More advantageous is, the domestic current high-end motorcycle market demand is speed probe.

In fact, push forward ten or twenty years, China's motorcycle business has been quite prosperous. Not only is it very convenient to use, but the price of the car is very low, so it can be said that there is almost no other cost except for refueling. Not to mention those imported high-end motorcycles, even ordinary domestic motorcycles, casual service for a few years is not a problem. At that time, motorcycles were not the exclusive use of "ghostfire teenagers", but essential tools for every family.

But the shortcomings of motorcycles are also very obvious, especially at that time the overall traffic quality is not high, disorderly breaking and violating the motorcycle for traffic safety harm is obvious. The industry quickly began to decline as many cities imposed bans on motorcycles, taking them off the road and risking confiscation in minutes. Even in rural areas where motorbikes are not popular, the exodus of young and middle-aged people and the decline of motorcycle businesses have led people to opt for safer electric vehicles.

But now, with the improvement of economic level, everyone's car demand is gradually becoming diversified. Take The Great Wall Tank 300 as an example, it is actually a car with more characteristics of fun than family. It is not cheap to sell for more than 200,000 yuan as a domestic car, but the supply has been in short supply since its launch, so that the Great Wall announced several times to "stop receiving orders".

It's the same with motorcycles, because it's very playable. Many motorcycle enthusiasts say that four wheels can only carry the body, two wheels can carry the soul. In recent years, Honda, Harley and other high-end motorcycle sales have been rising, the key brands are also imported identity, can be said to severely cut a wave of leek.

If The Great Wall and Geely can insert themselves into this market at this time, there is still much to be done, at least to the price of those international brands.

(4) Kung Fu shooting

There is a saying in the entertainment industry, called acting and directing. Even if the acting is good enough and sophisticated enough, you can consider directing. For automobile enterprises, the car building this thing to play understand, to build motorcycles should be familiar with the road. Especially geely, which started as a motorcycle manufacturer, now has more mature technology and a more perfect supply chain and sales chain, which should have good output.

Moreover, the premium capacity of high-end motorcycles is very strong, which is absolutely profitable for car companies and a good thing for consumers.