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Kawasaki Motor has developed a hybrid car with a displacement of 400cc and automatic gear shift
Release date:2021.11.04

And yesterday, Kawasaki unveiled some of the details of its own hybrid motorcycle development; Now whether electric motorcycle or electric oil hybrid motorcycle, in fact, the market has appeared. Domestic ocean, Japan's Honda, Italy's Piaggio have also launched their own hybrid car, and are also in the market in the sale of the car. Therefore, as one of the representatives of Japanese motorcycle, it is not a strange thing for Kawasaki to grasp both hydrogen power and electric oil hybrid. Let's take a look at some details of Kawasaki hybrid motorcycle.

Hybrid technology is not new, but it has made slow progress in commercial application, especially in the motorcycle market. This is mainly because of low profits, because motorcycles have low fuel consumption compared to cars, and hybrids are not sold as fuel economy as cars. Adding a separate new powertrain (motor, drive battery, and required electronics) while keeping the gasoline engine, fuel tank, fuel system, and cooling system doesn't make much sense to most automakers.

Kawasaki, way of thinking is different, however, kawasaki power system will be the original gasoline to narrow, and added a smaller power system, make the whole car in heavy volume under the condition of little change, improve the dynamic performance of vehicle, at the same time also can reduce emissions, and in the case of dynamic performance to meet emissions standards.


The 48-V battery pack is placed under the seat, and pictures of the vehicle show a prototype of Kawasaki's Ninja 400, which means the petrol engine is likely to be the same as today's 400cc two-cylinder platform. The two-cylinder engine is bolted to a custom-made tubular frame; At the same time, a large motor is installed above the gearbox as an auxiliary drive system.

In urban cycling mode, the vehicle relies on pure electricity to drive, and does not rely on fuel engines at all. At the same time, in the suburbs, everything can be changed to cycling mode. At this time, the motor as the starting power, so that the torque and power output of the vehicle to a higher level. Moreover, kawasaki based on the existing electronic technology, combined with future GPS and other positioning systems, can achieve in some cities or regions with emission requirements, the vehicle can automatically switch to pure electric mode through electric control, while the rider can switch mode by thinking.

Kawasaki will also rely on electric features to add automatic shifting to the vehicle, thanks to its gas-electric hybrid technology platform. According to kawasaki's patent description, the system includes an automatic clutch and a servo-operated gear shift that allows the system to shift gears by pressing buttons and automatically depending on the vehicle's driving conditions. On hybrid motorcycles, this technology is very practical. After all, it can make the whole vehicle ride and mode transition more smooth and provide seamless riding experience. It is worth mentioning that kawasaki's small hybrid battery under the seat can be recharged by an edible regenerative system.

Whether it is now carbon neutral, or the recent global power outages caused by coal in many countries and regions; As well as Germany's campaign to phase out coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants in 10 years, this means that the campaign to reduce emissions and save energy is accelerating. In this context, as a transportation company's car factories are bound to need early transformation to occupy the market, domestic motorcycle factory is the same. What do you think of this? Please leave a comment and share!