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Domestic spring breeze motorcycle entered the United States, even push 4 motorcycles, high performance with the harvest attention
Release date:2021.11.04

As the carrier of domestic motorcycle brands, Spring Breeze Motorcycle not only has high efficiency of new car release in recent two years, but also has entered many global markets, in addition to the common southeast Asia, Africa, Europe is also repeated success. Recently, spring Breeze Motorcycle launched a number of models in the DEALER conference in the United States, which is also the strength of domestic motorcycle to enter the international market and the close competition with European, American and Japanese counterparts. After all, the competitive experience in these platforms will feed back the manufacturers' manufacturing and design ability.

There are altogether 4 models of Spring Breeze Motorcycle introduced into the North American market, which are 700CL-X and Sport version, 650NK and 650 ADV version, 300SS and 300NK, Papio; Let's take a look at each.

700CL-X & Sport

As the spring breeze in the domestic most can play in the displacement retro street car, word of mouth in the minds of many owners is very good. The engine is based on the kawasaki 650's twin-cylinder engine, which can be seen as a scaled-up version; With a new steel-jointed frame and an aluminum rear rocker arm, the whole car's Scrambler style appeals to many motorists. Powertrain delivers a maximum of 74 HP, which, combined with Bosch's injection system and sliding clutch, is smooth. Configurable front and rear adjustable KYB shock absorbers are highlights and support for cruise mode.

In addition to the rear fairing on the rear wing, the sport version is also taller, uses abalone calipers and is more compact. The 700 series starts at $6,499 in the U.S. and the Sport version at $6,999.


650 Adv & 650NK

The 650cc model has been around for a long time. The ADV uses kawasaki's 649cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine, coupled with Bosch's electro-injection system, to produce 60.3 HP at 8750 RPM. Equipped with inverted forward shock absorber to support adjustable rebound, standard with mainland ABS. ADV is suitable for large cruise rides, and the low seat version is also more fuel-efficient for height. The north American price is $6,799.

300SS & 300NK

Both 300cc models have a 292cc four-valve water-cooled single-cylinder engine, 37mm inverted front shock absorption, a six-speed transmission and a full LED light set. The series has been available in Europe before, but is only being introduced in the US. This series comes standard with front and rear Continental ABS, as well as sliding clutch and full color LCD meters. In terms of appearance design, 300SS is more handsome (in fact, the domestic chunfeng 250SR uses an expanded cylinder engine) while NK version is more ordinary. In the end, the 300SS was priced at $4,299 in North America, which is about $600 lower than Honda CBR300R.


The Papio is a breezy mini motorbike in the same category as the Honda Grom. Suitable for those petite car friends to drive. The car is powered by a 126cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 9.3 horsepower. Frame, whether compared to Honda Grom or kawasaki Z125Pro, are almost interesting. The car was eventually priced at $2,999 in North America.

The above are spring Breeze motorcycle in the North American market debut of 4 motorcycles, in terms of their own feelings. The level of domestic motorcycles to a step, or to go to the global market to exercise, so as to improve.