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Motorcycle lubricants to change season, these key knowledge do you know?
Release date:2021.11.04

Now the four-stroke engine is widely used in the electro-jet motorcycle, and the cylinder head is provided with a special air distribution mechanism, and the gearbox is communicated with the crankcase, so the lubrication system adopts the lubrication mode combining pressure and splash.

That is, fill the specified amount of lubricating oil in the crankcase. After the engine works, the lubricating oil is sucked into the oil pump and pressurized through the oil passage to the surface of high-speed and heavy load parts such as the gas distribution mechanism, crankshaft and bearing.

The parts that are difficult to pressure lubrication are lubricated by the lubricating oil spattered by the rotation of crankshafts and gears, such as cylinder walls and variable gears.

Since most of the lubricating oil can flow back to the crankcase, it can be reused after filtration, thus greatly reducing the generation of carbon deposition and lubricating oil consumption.

It can be said that the lubrication system of four-stroke engine is a complete system, and the quality of lubricating oil will have a great influence on the operation effect of the lubrication system and the engine performance.


Motorcyclists usually have two extremes of attitude towards the use of oil, either extreme attention, what quality to use, often worried about whether to change the season; And some car friends are extremely ignored, or basic do not change, or the car with the remaining casually add a little make do.

Due to different engine types and different working conditions, the lubricating oil of the supporting engine is also different, mainly the difference in trace additives. So, strictly speaking, diesel engine, gasoline engine, car, motorcycle oil and can not be mixed, if you want to say I must add use to see, that certainly also with you, the engine will not immediately give you color to see.

At present, motorcycle oil market has become a professional pattern, all kinds of 4T lubricating oil for your choice. So how to choose 4T lubricating oil? Mainly depends on the viscosity level and lubrication level.

First, viscosity grade

The viscosity grade of 4T lubricating oil is similar to SAE10W/40. The selection of lubricating oil is closely related to the environmental temperature, especially when the temperature is now common and the season can be changed.

SAE5W/30 grade oil can be used all year round in the northern region; SAE15W/40 grade oil can be used in the south all year round. Of course, in extremely cold and extremely hot areas, the selection should be made according to the manufacturer's recommendation, not based on experience.

Two, lubrication level

According to the classification standards of American Petroleum Institute API, 4T lubricating oil can be divided into SD, SE, SF, SG and other grades from low to high. Motorcycle oil should not be lower than SE grade. SF grade is recommended, and SG grade can be used if conditions are available (anti-friction and energy-saving type, containing special anti-friction and energy-saving agent, forming eutectic complex on the friction surface).

The lubricating oil with the viscosity grade and lubrication grade meeting the requirements (shall be subject to the requirements of the factory instruction manual) can be listed as the selection object. It is best to choose 4T lubricating oil specially produced by major brand manufacturers for motorcycles.

As for the brand, there are a lot of good reputation and quality on the market at present. Such as MSC sign parts, Mobil Mobil, Esso Esso, Shell Shell, ELF Elf, Castrol Castrol, Prince Ed Advanee, Copton Compton, B&M Belmont, etc. But the world famous brand, often more fake, we should pay attention to screening.

Motorcycle friends can choose lubricating oil brand according to its performance introduction and other people's experience. When buying lubricating oil, beware of fake and shoddy products. Do not buy oil without packaging site, production date and quality standards.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify the authenticity of oil products from the packaging, which requires users to do a warm-hearted in daily maintenance.

First, pay attention to the change of oil color and purity during the 500km journey after the replacement of lubricating oil. For high quality oil, its chroma and purity almost have no obvious change, but the change of inferior oil is obvious.

Second, after the oil change, travel between 1000 and 2000km to observe the change of oil quality and viscosity. For high quality oil, its color is heavy but not black, and it feels smooth but not harsh when you twist it on your fingers. Inferior oil is the opposite. Therefore, high quality oil can be replaced when traveling to 2000km; If the quality is slightly poor, it can be replaced once every 1000km; Inferior oil must be replaced once proved.

Three is in the driving attention to feel the engine start performance, idle stability, acceleration sensitivity, fuel consumption, cylinder temperature and exhaust emissions and other aspects of the situation, pay attention to the use of new lubricating oil after the above situation is improved or worsened, to judge the quality of the lubricating oil.