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Yamaha's new MT-10 launches!
Release date:2021.11.11

Yamaha unveiled its new MT-10 overseas yesterday, and it's been working hard for a year

Unlike the new MT family, the MT-10 does not have a single central headlight, but retains the most famous two-eyed headlight. V-shaped LED headlights are added above the MT-10, and air intakes on both sides of the fuel tank are enlarged, giving it a robotic feel

The 998cc in-line four-cylinder engine, derived from the R1 bloodline, is powered by lightweight forged pistons, offset links and chrome-plated cylinders. Maximum horsepower is slightly increased from 160PS to 165PS/11500rpm, while peak torque is maintained at 112Nm/9000rpm. The wet weight of the vehicle is 212kg, the height of the seat is 835mm, and the tank volume is 17L

In addition, the titanium connecting rod inside the NEW MT-10 engine has been replaced with steel, which provides better torque perception due to increased transmission inertia, and the injection system has been optimized for the 4000-8000 RPM range to improve torque performance


The intake and exhaust systems are also one of the key improvements yamaha has made to the MT-10. Three of the intake pipes have different lengths and sections to produce different sound waves. Yamaha says they have carefully adjusted them to produce a growling sensation at medium speeds. The exhaust pipe material is changed to titanium, which can have deeper sound waves at low rotation

Brembo direct push pump, 6-axis IMU, two-way fast row, AND TFT full-color LCD meter are added as new configurations. The frame uses the same DELTABOX aluminum alloy frame as R1, with KYB 43MM fully adjustable front fork and KYM fully adjustable multi-link single gun rear shock absorption. The brakes are equipped with twin star calipers and 320MM front dual disc and 220MM rear single disc

In terms of electronic control, it is equipped with electronic throttle, advance and retreat fast row, 6-axis IMU, sliding control system, solitary wheel suppression, four power modes, engine brake management system, etc. The instrument section is also upgraded to a 4.2-inch TFT full-color instrument from the previous LCD instrument with black characters on a white background

Yamaha has yet to announce the price of the 2022 MT-10, which will be available in February 2022 in Cyan Storm Cyan Storm, Icon Blue logo Blue and Tech Black