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Fifty years later, the Kawasaki MEGURO K3 is back to life, defying environmental regulations
Release date:2021.11.11

In late 2020, KAWASAKI officially released the MEGURO K3 under the brand name MEGURO. Nearly a year later, it was released again in Japan, with minor changes to accommodate updated environmental regulations. Are there a lot of motorists who don't know who MEGURO really is? Take a look.

MEGURO was founded in 1924 by MEGURO Works, which was originally located in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Although initially with reference to English scooter design is given priority to, but soon keep improving, became the earliest manufacturer of high performance large juki Japan, not only quality trusted by ordinary people, even before the second world war to win the favour of the Japanese national police agency, became the police motorcycle supplier, after the second world war is also active in Japan's domestic second round competition. While MEGURO's cars still had great quality and performance, MEGURO's performance deteriorated in the face of the post-World War II economic depression and a shift in Japanese domestic demand toward practical, smaller cars. But KAWASAKI came to MEGURO's rescue. KAWASAKI, originally an aircraft manufacturer, started a business partnership with MEGURO to expand its business and in 1964 launched a modified version of MEGURO's hit K1


The MEGURO K2's successor is Kawasaki's original W1. In summary, The MEGURO is the starting point of kawasaki's motorcycle industry, and the W800 is now a retro-designed car with all the characteristics of the original MEGURO brand

The MEGURO K3 is a 50-year revival of the W800. The new MEGURO K3 is based on the standard W800 body structure and engine, but has a wide handle that is the same width as the W800 Street version. The biggest difference between the MEGURO K3 and the OTHER W800 models is that it has the same classic MEGURO look as the K2, but it still uses modern technology in terms of coating materials and workmanship. In particular, the mirror-like paint on the tank is the same as the Ninja H2, which has the ability to self-repair when it suffers minor scratches

The MEGURO K3 costs 1,320,000 yen, or about 75,000 yuan. There is only one car color, and currently there is no plan to introduce it to China