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Honda CB1100, four cylinders to two?
Release date:2021.11.11

In 2007, Honda released a streetcar, the CB1100, with a 1100cc air-cooled inline four-cylinder engine and a retro look that remains a classic. It has been available in Europe since 2013 and, despite crossing the Euro 4 emission threshold, has been shut out of Euro 5 and is due to be discontinued after the release of its last CB1100 this year. Increasingly stringent emissions regulations have put many classic four-cylinder models out of production

However, according to the latest patent disclosure in Japan, Honda may launch the CB 1100 with Africa Twin non-twin-engine as a successor

The exterior of the car in the patent appears to continue to follow the classic retro lines of the CB 1100. Instead of using a cradle frame that enclothe engine, the new frame uses an open-bottom structure that integrates the engine as a partial weighing structure, much like the CMX 1100 Rebel


It is easy to see from the patent that the engine is a 1084cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, which has a maximum power of 75kW /7500rpm and a peak torque of 105Nm/6250rpm when mounted on a non-dual engine. It is not clear how it will be configured on a streetcar, but it will certainly have more horsepower and torque than the current CB1100

In fact, no matter how much horsepower and torque, it is not as attractive as the classic air-cooled four-cylinder. But as times change and the motorbike market becomes younger and younger, Honda will have to make a change. The CB1100 will have a more powerful engine and maybe electric control system. Who can resist the perfect combination of retro and technology?