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BMW Motor has unveiled the 2021 S1000R motorcycle
Release date:2021.11.18

Today, we welcome the latest BMW 2021 S1000R. This German BMW has been upgraded both in appearance and configuration. The proportion of the advanced sports car body reflects the charm of the racetrack, which is like the inscription of weathering and weathering. Historically, BMW was built on engines and retired on March 7, 1916 due to poor management. Since then, the company has officially changed its name to Bavarian Motor Works, also known as BMW.

The vehicle on the basis of the original model, using the material of the lightweight design makes the vehicle weight dropped to under 2 o0kg, dashboard USES 6.5 -inch color screen, LED headlamp unit and dome is more compact, the further optimization of the frame and suspension can not only make your legs more comfortably close to the body, also improves the steering flexibility and feedback dynamic damping control system, To bring better cycling experience for cyclists


Equipped with 1O01cc displacement high-performance in-line four-cylinder engine, redesigned based on the S1000 RR after optimization can release torque earlier, at 11O00 RPM can output 121kW powerful power, the maximum torque of 114 nm, to ensure that variable camshaft technology at different times to provide suitable power support. The car is equipped with anti-lock ABS, tire pressure monitoring, and the TFT screen racing interface provides key information such as lap time, inclination, engine speed can be displayed, which is the secret weapon for the rider to quickly improve the track technology. The car is equipped with three riding modes, namely Rain, Road and Dynamic. The "professional sport" mode can be activated, which fully meets the personal style of gear changing assistance, helps the rider to easily change gear more quickly, and also ensures the fun of gear changing. The electric control system allows the rider to focus more on road and track driving!

This red upgrade sport street car from Germany, compared to the updated BMw S 1000R M edition, has made a lot of changes. In terms of pricing, manufacturer suggested retail price :218,900 yuan.

BMW S 100O R Sport edition, MANUFACTURER MSRP: $188,900, but the most disgusting part is that only 10 units of this car were sold on a certain cat platform.