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Three motorcycles that the novice can't get around, great value!
Release date:2021.11.25

What motorcycle is suitable for beginners? Surely this problem has troubled countless novice motorcycle friends, both handsome and suitable for operation, the best cost performance is also high, not as good as looking at the following three motorcycles.

01 Spring Breeze st baboon

Everyone mouth of the locomotive circle small lovely, very suitable for girls, beginners can buy practice hand, then adapt to the rich can change the large displacement of the only choice. The body is 172.4 cm long, 75 cm wide and 99.5 cm high. Widened tires, great friction, strong grip ability, safety and fun. The seat height is 77.5 cm, the mass is 114 kg, the fuel tank is 7L, the front and rear disc brake is more conspicuous. Equipped with single-cylinder 124.5cc air-cooled engine and LCD instrument display technology, it produces a maximum torque of 8.3 NM at station 6500. Produces a maximum power of 7 kW at 8500 RPM. Whether it's a regular commute or the occasional trip, little passion little off-road is perfectly qualified.

02 Kawasaki Ninja 400


Most of the novices who buy this car want to be in one step. The classic black and green, the appearance level is perfect, and the price is particularly suitable. Front brake 310mm wavy semi-floating single disc, with NISSIN double piston brake calipers, front wheels ABS; Rear brake 220mm wave-shaped single disc, NISSIN single piston brake calipers, rear ABS. Front suspension: 41mm front shock absorption, 120mm travel; Rear suspension: single barrel shock absorber, adjustable preload, 130mm stroke.

03 promise 300 rr

Compared with the original Wuji 300RR, the color matching style of the new upgraded Wuji 300RR is more youthful, fashionable and sporty, and the large area of matte paint makes the vehicle feel thick and advanced to a great extent.

The body length, width and height are 1965*790*1015mm, and the minimum ground clearance and sitting height Settings are also controlled at 165mm/780mm. At the same time, the bold decal design creates unique combat elements of large displacement models for the whole vehicle, and the high-contrast color scheme makes the visual lines of Wuji 300RR more handsome and plump, which can better meet the aesthetic needs of current consumers.

On the vehicle design, a new generation of infinite 300 rr inherited the former generation models of all elements of the family, the whole line of forward dive and combat feels dye-in-the-wood symmetric LED headlight eagle eyes, make the outline of vehicles more sharp fashion, at the same time with one-piece cover large disturbed flow design, it also makes promise 300 rr perception is more compact and delicate, Showing a full sense of strength and muscle, coupled with wuji's consistent high cost performance, this car has a good performance in the market.