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Burberry teamed up with DAB to launch a street luxury motorcycle selling 216,100 yuan
Release date:2021.11.25

Launched earlier this year, the Concept E-RS is DAB Cars' first road-legal electric vehicle designed specifically for urban cycling. This motorcycle combines high technology with performance, and its stylish look wowed everyone. Now, to make it stand out even more, the French manufacturer has teamed up with luxury fashion brand Burberry to create the "ultimate fashion commuter."

The new motorcycle, called Concept E-RS Burberry Edition, is both a commuter and a fashion accessory. The machine is available in two colours (navy blue and silver) and features hand-made composite fibre rims with Burberry's graphics and logo.

The hand-sewn saddle is a black leather design emblazoned with the word "Burberry" in capital letters, which blends perfectly with the bike's design. The handles were also decorated to fashion house specifications. It retains DAB Motors' distinctive 'fly-back' form, giving the back of the bike a sense of speed and lightness.


The motorcycle is powered by a 9kW brushless DC motor and a 51.8V lithium-ion battery that gives the device a range of 68 miles (109 km) and a top speed of 65 MPH (105 km/h). The bike is equipped with durable, premium components, including Beringer braking and fully adjustable Hlins suspension. All cables have been integrated into the frame to maintain a stylish look. The minimalist design of the front panel has also been retained, but it now features an integrated OLED screen with Burberry's animated logo.

The Concept-E RS Burberry Edition is limited to 20 units and will be displayed in selected Burberry stores around the world. The bike can be ordered for €29,900 on the DAB Motors website.