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Honda mini motorcycle welcomes new members, Navi 2022 model unveiled, straddling appearance of automatic transmission design
Release date:2021.11.25

In the MINI motorcycle circle, Honda is an inseparable brand, its many MINI cars have many fans all over the world, such as Grom, Monkey, and even Ruckes pedal bikes are MINI models; Of course, Honda's mini motorcycle has attracted a lot of attention in China, but it has not been introduced, so everyone can only stare at it. Although the mini-bike is only suitable for a small group of people, sales are phenomenal; Grom, for example, has sold more than 750,000 vehicles worldwide since its debut in 2014.

In 2022, Honda will add Navi to its mini Motorcycle membership center. Navi is positioned as an alternative to personal and public travel. The bike is easy to handle, straddling the appearance of the bike but provides a pedal-like CVT transmission, and the overall size is small, sitting height is only 760mm; Although straddling in appearance, it has some similarities in construction and pedals, such as the empty filter box. In addition, about CVT gearbox, although Honda straddling motorcycle if not double although there is automatic transmission this term, but refers to DCT double clutch gearbox, rather than pedal motorcycle CVT gearbox, the two have essential differences in structure.

In terms of power, this mini-motorcycle uses a 109cc single-cylinder air-cooled OHC four-stroke engine with a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and a fuel tank size of 3.6L. The maximum range is 150-170km on full fuel. Steel tube frame is used in the frame. The front fork is inverted 26.8mm and the rear single shock absorption; Drum brakes are used before and after; Wheel dimensions are 12 inches front and 10 inches back; The vehicle weighs 107kg.


There are two highlights about this mini-bike. One is that the straddle bike mentioned above has a CVT transmission, and the other is that it comes with a storage box that can be opened by the car key for storing small items. And for the design of this space, put in the triangle of fuel tank and front wheel, the use of space is worthy of Honda, let a person can not help but think, is not the big straddle motorcycle can also be designed in this way? (Honda already has a reputation for making good use of space in small cars, cutting space in small sizes.)

Navi, as a new mini motorcycle of Honda, is priced at about $1800 in Europe and America, which is not cheap if converted into RMB, but it is believed that there will still be many buyers in China. That's the lowest price for a Honda mini, lower than the Grom and Monkey, and it's a straddle.