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Drill leopard motorcycle anti-theft electric lock damage without accessories how to do?
Release date:2021.11.25

It's a Leopard 125. The wire to the electric lock has been cut. The electric lock wire was cut? I looked at the client suspiciously. Had your car been stolen?

According to the owner of the description, he this motorcycle sometimes can start, sometimes can not start, look for the maintenance master in the community, said that it may be the electric door lock failure, so the electric door lock line cut off, directly connected, but the car still can not start, so the car will be pushed home.

The electric door lock of this haojue drill leopard car is three line, it should be the third version of China. The Suzuki Drill leopard is equipped with dc inductive ignition, and the igniter must receive an anti-theft signal from the electric door lock in order to work properly. So when I saw the practice of a former maintenance master hinge line, it must be the fault of being unfamiliar with the ignition system of this car!

The fault of the car should be the electric door lock provided to the igniter anti-theft signal sometimes no, should be repaired or replaced electric door lock. It happened to be the Spring Festival, all parts manufacturers have a holiday, and there is no electric door lock for this car at home. There are two solutions. One is to find a resistor to make a signal. Although it loses its anti-theft function, it can be used, but there is no ready-made resistor at home. The second method is to change the ignition system.


Due to the long convex Angle of the Suzuki engine, as shown above. Ordinary igniter can only be suitable for short boss models, and the ignition curve of the car can not correspond to, if you do not know the difference, there will be bad start or speed pull up the phenomenon. Since the original car can not be used, the most common "universal" igniter can not be used, then how to do? Suddenly reminded of the main group recommended taichang wisdom point, with the national motorcycle maintenance technology club intelligent igniter to refit, should be able to go!

Use a multimeter to determine the role of each line on the igniter plug, connectivity, whether the signal is normal. After confirmation, all lines of 101 intelligent igniter are reliably connected with all lines in the plug, and the excess lines in the plug are discarded. Then replace the original inductance HIGH voltage pack with a capacitor high voltage pack, disconnect the 12V power supply line previously connected to the original high voltage pack, and connect the corresponding cable head of the new high voltage pack to the ground wire. Knock on the blackboard, this step is very important! Some friends can not be installed after the spark, is because after changing the high voltage package directly put the original two wire head and the high voltage package pin on the plug, did not connect the 12V power cord head pin to earth!

Finally restore the wiring of the electric door lock of the original car, open the key and try to start, the car is ready to go, easy to start, smooth acceleration, troubleshooting!