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MV Agusta and Qianjiang launch the civilian version of "Not double"!
Release date:2021.12.02

Milan, Italy -- MV Agusta, one of the world's leading motorcycle companies, has announced the launch of the Lucky Explorer Project and the official launch of its new high-engine adventure motorcycles 5.5 and 9.5.

Among them, 5.5 is a new model developed by MV Agusta in close cooperation with Qianjiang Motorcycle. The simultaneous launch of the two new cars aims to reinvent the saga of motorcycle adventures.

The lucky Explorer project aims to gather rally and cross country enthusiasts around Schiranna's epic and memorable participation and victory in the Great African rally of the Golden Age.

That same spirit of adventure and freedom is the foundation of this ambitious project, which will begin with a digital communication campaign, followed by other real-life activities, culminating in the launch of two new adventure motorcycles, namely 5.5 and 9.5. The project and the launch of the latest model represent MV Agusta's ultimate expression of motorcycle sensibility. It will not only restore the lucky Explorer racing tradition, tell stories and spread the culture of Africa's great rally, but also build a community of adventure and off-road enthusiasts for a new start and a leap forward in the future.

Version 5.5 is a new adventure motorcycle inspired by the Elefant heritage developed by MV Agusta in close collaboration with Qianjiang Motorcycle. Despite being a mid-sized motorcycle, it has the appearance of a big-displacement travel car, a sturdy and unstoppable companion that European riders will be attracted to looking for.


Close cooperation with Qianjiang Motorcycle gives this high-end model a new lease of life. Compared to the original model, the electronics, mechanics and chassis are actually carefully developed on the basis of detailed specifications. For example, optimize the electronic configuration of the vehicle to achieve the perfect combination of performance and safety. The in-line water cooled engine with dual overhead camshafts has also been specially refined to further improve efficiency. Displacement is increased to 554 cc (cylinder diameter 70.5 mm, stroke 71 mm), and power output is unique to further enrich the torque curve and smooth delivery at all revs.

The unique design of version 5.5 can be seen in the superstructure and other aesthetically key features, such as custom light sets. Stylistic inspiration shared with the 9.5 model, inspired by the legendary Desert Rally, among other features, has allowed this new car to proudly tout its craftsmanship, concept and aesthetic attributes.

With the vision of "building a world-class motorcycle enterprise", Qianjiang Motorcycle has continued to make efforts in the international market in recent years. Up to now, Qianjiang Motorcycle not only owns the famous Italian brand Benelli, high-end new sub-brand QJMOTOR, but also successfully reached strategic cooperation with MV Agusta, and established a new joint venture with Harley-Davidson.

With the advent of the 5.5 version of the model, qianjiang Motorcycle's international territory has also filled a thick and heavy color. It further shows that qianjiang Motorcycle, through years of integrated operation and leap-forward development, has the technical soft power to collide with the international top motorcycle enterprises. Chinese national enterprises are gradually competing for the world stage through their own efforts!

Honda Flying twin as a god car, is the dream of many motorcycle friends. But its high price has turned off many consumers. The combination of Qianjiang and Augusta is certainly a physical success. Both looks like Honda non - double and a certain degree of originality, the overall design pleasing to the eye, and not too much copycat flavor. Qianjiang car manufacturing concept is high appearance level, good sound, affordable. This time the motorcycle friends' non - double dream may really come true.