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Aprilia Tuono660 High Performance Edition released! Horsepower increased, configuration upgrade
Release date:2021.12.02

At this year's Milan motor Show, Apulia unveiled a new high-performance version, the Tuono 660 Factory, with upgraded power and configuration

First of all, there is a small upgrade in power. The engine of The Tuono 660 Factory has changed the fuel supply setting to the same way as the RS660, so the maximum horsepower output is increased to 101ps. The battery was upgraded to lithium electronic material, which reduced the total vehicle weight by 2kg

The electric control part of the original Tuono 660 $200 optional six-axis IMU is changed to standard, other changes are not changed, after all, there are quite a lot of electric control: ATC tracking control, AWC anti-isolated wheel, ACC cruise control, AEB engine brake, AEM engine power curve, five riding modes, etc


Finally, in terms of configuration, the suspension has been upgraded. The front and rear suspensions of RS and Tuono 660 are only partially adjustable, while the new Tuono 660 Factory is fully adjustable

The Tuono 660 Factory comes in only one color, and details of its release schedule and official suggested price have not yet been made public

The Tuono is a street car, but the difference with the RS 660 is that the fairing is less and the handlebars are higher. Between street car and imitation race, the reason for choosing street car is more comfortable sitting position. On the premise of ensuring this condition, if street car can fight like Tuono660 and Triumph 76