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Experience of speed Triple 1200RS big Frog at zhuhai Circuit
Release date:2021.12.02

We just tested triumphant frog a while ago, a few days later, we came to zhuhai circuit to experience the big brother of small frog, speed Triple 1200RS big frog!

With the same three-cylinder engine, the displacement goes up to 1200cc, and if we're looking at the 765, imagine what it would be like to ride a 1200cc naked sports car with the actual displacement of 1160cc.

The vehicle wet weight 198kg, the maximum power 180PS in 10750 turn outbreak, the maximum torque 125 nm in 9000 turn outbreak, data is the orientation of a liter sports car, of course, now a lot of liter models are over two hundred, but for a street car is already hard enough!

The Ohlins NIX30 43mm fully adjustable inverted front fork is equipped with the Ohlins TTX36 mid-mounted single-gun rear suspension and brembo Stylema calipers for the front brakes


There is no doubt about the electric control. There are five riding modes, traction control, corner ABS, two-way quick platoon and keyless start

The frame is similar in shape to the 765, but it clearly feels like it has been beefed up to support so much power and athleticism. The brake configuration is also very high, the actual riding feeling is scary, especially when you are not familiar with it, and then at bottom speed, the brake pull feeling experience, so the performance of the brake in the track is still very irritable

As a three-cylinder liter street car, the vehicle power is very rich, 1 gear 120, two gear 170, three gear 200, two gear oil directly can slightly rise, and then in the case of rapid acceleration and deceleration there will be instability in the head, if the configuration of titanium ruler effect will be better, I believe his future sports car will have such a configuration

So who is a car like this for?

This car for Triumph should belong to the liter flagship model of technology flaunts, buy people certainly have, but should be less, pay attention to the cost performance also want to top experience can, to drag racing car type for Kawasaki ZH2 or Ducati V4 street Fighter.

Although data is lower than the kawasaki and ducati, but price and back to the face, is want to be a top streetcar, configuration performance full, do you want to buy this car to daily walking in the street, must be a true love, or you really is a malicious person, of course, a requirement is that you want to be, if it is the demand in fact there are other more Fried car can choose.