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CBR400R comes out again, when will it be released in China?
Release date:2021.12.09

The middle row sports car war has spread in the domestic, spring breeze, Qianjiang, Wuji, Kaiyue have or will launch 300-500CC between models, but there is a has been "blowing" for a long time, energy accumulation for a long time, this is Honda CBR400R, once released in the domestic market, it is a bloody battle ~

The CBR400R will be released in Japan on January 17, 2022, with a focus on suspension and brake configuration. So domestic will also have to wait for the release of new models next year?

The first thing I noticed was the upgrade from upright front fork to Showa 41mm SFF-BP inverted front fork, same as CBR650R and CBR500R. The front fender was also modified for a change in front shock absorption. The front brake has been upgraded from 320mm single disc to 296mm diameter dual fixed disc +NISSIN radial one-way dual piston calipers


In addition, the CBR400R also adjusted the rigidity of the rear rocker arm, because the front of the double disc and inverted fork, so the CBR400R by reducing the weight of the front wheel to optimize the front and rear weight, so the car weight remains at 192kg, seat height 785mm, fuel tank volume 17L, tire specifications for the front 120/70r17, 160/60r17

The new CBR400R still has a 399cc water-cooled DOHC 4-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine, with a maximum horsepower of 46ps/9000rpm and a maximum torque of 38Nm/7500rpm. There is no change in data

The 2022 CBR400R comes with Grand Prix Red, Matte Ballistic Black Metallic and Matte Jeans Blue Metallic, not available on the CBR500R (Matte metallic denim blue)

In 2020, Honda's layout in the middle row is rapid, no matter the model or dealer system has formed combat effectiveness, cruise, street car, pull are in place, then 2021 CBR400R will undoubtedly be a very significant impact on the market, then it will be fun