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The GK350 features full exposure, two power modes, keyless start, electric fuel cap...
Release date:2021.12.09

Recently, Sheng Shi officially released all parameters of the GK350 configuration, in order to do a full article, suspense, the price is still not released

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 348cc single-cylinder DOHC water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 29kW /9500rpm and peak torque of 32.8nm /7500rpm

Spare weight 188kg, seat height 795mm, wheelbase 1390mm, tire specifications front 120/70R17, back 160/60R17

The whole car electronic lock, 2.5 generation keyless control system adopts advanced encryption technology, has good anti-theft performance, the induction key is small and delicate. Carry the sensor key with you, it can be unlocked within 1.5 meters of the vehicle (the transponder is put in the backpack or pocket, so it does not need to be taken out). 2.5 generation keyless control system has IP67 waterproof performance, waterproof wordless; Better built-in hf antenna, enhanced key sensing sensitivity. The key of the 2.5 generation has a chip sensor, which can communicate with the car by holding the key close to the lower right side of the seat even if the battery is removed or the power is completely out

The motorised fuel tank lid, motorised seat lock and motorised car lock all dwarf traditional keys, with buttons distributed on the left and right handlebars for cyclists to unlock with one click


Switch the two modes by pressing the button on the right handle. The instrument shows that E is the fuel saving mode and S is the sport mode. In the fuel saving mode, when the driver needs to overtake in an emergency, the system will automatically switch to the sport mode as long as the engine speed is raised to 7000 RPM

The 17L oil tank adopts single side galvanized plate to prevent the oil inlet filter cotton clogging and oil tank leakage caused by rust inside the tank

Full virtual high definition high brightness TFT full color LCD IPS screen meter, with four personalized theme interface. It can realize mobile phone interconnection, navigation screen casting, mirror screen casting, Bluetooth music and phone answering, automatic adjustment of back light and dark and other functions. On the road, real-time monitoring of driving data, vehicle failure, tire temperature and air pressure

The whole vehicle LED lights, integrated forged hand guard

Car USB charger (quick charging version) provides two USB output interfaces for car owners to support QC3.0 fast charging protocol. When fast charging, the output power of single port can reach 18W, and the total power of double port can reach 36W simultaneously

The front shock absorber uses an inverted front fork with a diameter of 43mm, and the central rear shock absorber uses a design filled with high-pressure nitrogen, a 50mm diameter damping cylinder and a large piston

Daye special automatic cushion production line combined with special anti-foaming sponge forming technology, so that the soft sponge and skin more fit, not layer, deformation. One seat cushion, the shape is more radical, full of retro style

Aluminum alloy rear rocker arm. Exhaust tail section with internal heat insulation design, so that the tail section of the exhaust pipe for a long time driving is not hot, the rear passenger feet can be assured on the baffle; Increased volume, new optimized air flow and sound insulation structure, to achieve better noise cancellation and discharge requirements, low twist more smoothly

The diameter of the front disc brake increased to 320mm, the diameter of the rear disc brake increased to 265mm; The front disc brake adopts radial opposite four piston calipers. Dual channel ABS front and rear, and front brake disc equipped with protective cover

Adopt chip imported from Germany to achieve high precision monitoring. When the tire pressure is abnormal while the vehicle is running, the front and rear wheels will be locked quickly and a warning prompt will be flashed on the instrument interface. It has learning and matching function, high voltage alarm function, low voltage alarm function, high temperature alarm function, fast leakage alarm, sensor low power alarm, sensor signal loss alarm, etc

Although the power of GK350 is not as good as the KTM 390 Duke as advertised at the beginning, but these configurations can really beat the domestic 600 level of cars below, but this is also the sheng Shi always style

From excelle, ran up to, high gold these vehicles has not been established, rose shi has been a subversive image of cluster is not in the minority, but from the current market pattern, rise in the brand influence, the individual feels have been all downhill, configuration pile was more, still have to sink the product good enough, Otherwise the market will not give too many opportunities to disrupters